360buy Invest 4 Billion Yuan on Cloud Computing Center Project

Morning news in December 12, 360 Buy announced today that they have signed the Investment Framework Agreement of the Cloud Computing Center Project with Bayannao’er, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Suqian, Jiangsu Province. The total investment is up to 4 billion Yuan. It is reported that the cloud computing data center built by 360 Buy […]

Baidu Invests Tens of Millions of RMB to Help with the SME

On May 17, on the New Driving Force 2012—Baidu Xiang Plan Assisting SME Development Summit, Wuhan Economic Information Committee and Baidu jointly announced that the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation, carry out overall organization of the implementation of SME support programs – Xiang plan.” Baidu will invest dozens million of RMB to aid city’s […]

Baidu and Research Institutions in Singapore Set up a Joint Laboratory

On February 23, 2012, Baidu announced that it has established cooperation with the Information and Telecommunications Research Institute (I2R)of the Singapore Science and Technology Research Council. The two sides will set up a joint laboratory in Singapore and carry out joint R&D on underlying network technology such as natural language processing for the Southeast Asian […]

Shanda Become The Operator of Trinity 2

As the latest news told, Shanda Game will be the agent of Trinity 2, an online game under Korean NHN. According to the agreement, Shanda will, thereafter, in charge of the operation of Trinity 2, a 3D side-scrolling online game owned by NHN and developed by Studio Hon, around mainland of China. Trinity 2 is […]

The Supreme People’s Court Published Two Typical Cases about Intellectual Property

The Supreme People’s Court published on 20th two typical cases related to Intellectual Property including Baidu’s infringement of copyright. As spokesman of the Supreme People’s Court, Sun Jungong, introduced, the first is a copyright infringement case between Baidu and Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music. The three appealing music companies believed that Baidu had […]

CSDN, Tianya, Renren, Kaixin Hacked, 6 Million Users’ Privacy Leaked

It is reported that the personal information of over 6 million users on CSDN was leaked almost in one night. Many famous national Internet companies such as Renren.com, Duowan.com and Jiayuan.com were involved in the hacking case. The stolen information might be sold or used to seek profit by cheating and advertising. 6 million user’s […]

Google Search’s Market Share in China Dropped from 30 % to 18%

The latest statistics of IResearch shows that Google Search’s Market Share in China dropped from 30 % to 18%. According to the 2011 3rd Quarters’ Chinese Search Engine Market Statistics published by, 2011, compared with the 2nd Quarter, in the 3rd Quarter of 2011 Google’s market share in China is only 18.3%, dropped by 1.0%, […]

China Tourism Market Report

1. Current Status of Tourism Market Maintaining an annual growth rate of 7%, the tourism in China has already become a new sector of economic growth. It has promoted the development of related industries, society and economy and has already become one of China’s pillar industries. Tourism industry in China consist mainly of hotel industry, […]

Sogou Market Share Surpass Google

Sogou under Sohu, the Chinese Internet Company, quoted data from an analyzing institute claiming that its market share of online search engine had overtaken GoogleChina for the first time and became the second popular search engine in China. It said that as data from CNZZ an Internet data analyzing service provider in China showed, up […]

Tencent Vs Qihoo 360 lawsuit: Tencent win

Few days before National Day, the 3Q Fight that has lasted for a whole year finally came to an end. After the judgment of its first trial made by Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court on April 26 this year, the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court made the second trial judgment which sustained the original one. […]

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