China Automobile Market Report

1. General Introduction to China’s Automobile Market Since 2002, the Chinese automobile industry has begun to show a momentum of explosive growth, especially with the rise of private consumption, the demand on automobiles rose rapidly, becoming a major force promoting the development of Chinese automobile industry. at the same time, China’s position in the global […]

China’s Group Purchasing Market: Some 5472 Websites Compete Fiercely for Business

On August 12th, 2011, released its financial report for the second-quarter this year. As it was shown in this report,,’s subsidiary launched in July, 2010, achieved net revenue of $ 1.1 million, while its operating expenses are as high as $ 5.6 million. Struggling to make ends meet constantly tests the patience […]

Termination of Partnership with Alipay May Cost 360buy 10% of Customers

Recently 360buy announced on its official website that it had terminated the cooperation with Alipay, which immediately triggered the doubt and suspicion of Internet users. According to Dratio, a well-known third-party data analysis agency in China, this decision may cost 360buy 10% of customers. Dration noted in its Analysis of Third-party Payment Market that over […]

China Beverage Market Report

 1. China Beverage Industry: Course of Development Survey found that China’s beverage industry has generally gone through four stages: The first stage is from 1979-1995, in these 17 years the beverage market was dominated by carbonated beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The second stage is from 1996-2000. This 5-year-period was marked by the victory of […]

NetDragon Websoft Inc.

Brief introduction Established in 1999, NetDragon Websoft Inc is one of China’s leading developers of online game and mobile Internet applications. Headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, NetDragon get listed by introduction on the Main Board of HKEx on June 24, 2008. Network Dragon created the first domestic online game “Monster & Me” and developed […]

The9 Gets the Exclusive Rights of Photon Online Game Search Engine in Mainland China

The9 Computer Technology Consulting(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd and Exit Games today announced jointly that from now on The9 will get the exclusive rights in mainland China of Photon search engine developed by the Exit Games. Exit Games is an international leading multi-platform network game engine supplier. Its high-performance Photon engine, through adopting the SDK approach, has provided the […]

NetQin Reached Moblie Security Agreement with TWM

NetQin(NYSE: NQ) has announced on August, 5th, 2011 that it had signed with TWM a mobile security agreement which stipulates that NetQin will provide mobile phone anti-virus service for the TWM users. Under this agreement, TWM will provide NetQin’s mobile security service to Taiwan Android smart phone users. NetQin’s mobile security applications will be released […]

Shanda: “Dragon Nest” Becomes China’s Most Popular Online Game

August 4, 2011, the first Asia Online Game Awards Ceremony had been held in Tseung Kwan OTVB City in the evening of the day before yesterday. Shanda’s game “Dragon Nest” had collected 3 prizes including China Most Popular Online Game Award, Asian’s Best Design Award, and Asian’s Best Technology Award. Shanda Game Makes Great Achievements […] Partly Integrated with the, Apparel Sellers Can Do Business at Both the Two Websites

One year and a half ago,360buy purchased, the apparel B2C website of South Korea’s SK Telecom. But since then no more was heard of about the until the website launched a theme promotion today, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, i.e. the Chinese Valentine’s day. This promotion is jointly launched […]

Giant Interactive Group Inc.

Brief introduction Established on November 18, 2004, Shanghai Giant Interactive Group Inc. (formerly known as Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive interactive entertainment company that integrated R & D, operations, sales all at the same time, with online game as its starting point. The company boasts abundant capital potentiality, strong R & […]

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