How to rank better on Alibaba site search(Alibaba Chinese Version)

You plan to sell your products to China(with more than 1.3 billion population), you realize that version) is one of the best places to reach Chinese buyers. You pay 2800RMB to become the trustpass member on Alibaba. You post your sell lead and set up your homepage on alibaba and then waiting. What you will get in the end – NO CUSTOMERS, NO BUSINESS. Because there are hundreds of sellers sell the same products like you and your sell lead has been buried in thousands of sell leads.

This article will share some secrets on how to get a better organic ranking results on alibaba based on my years of selling experience on Alibaba.

  1. Trustpass members rank higher than free members.

Unlike its English site, has only one paid membership – Trustpass. The price for trustpass membership is 2800RMB/year. It is very understandable that Alibaba award higher ranking results to paid members than free members.

For trustpass members:

1)      The timing of publishing your sell lead is the biggest factor

Alibaba update their ranking results for each search terms 3 times everyday. Roughly it is at 8:00am, 11:00am, 3:00pm. The later you publish your sell lead(surely before each update time), so if you publish your sell lead at 7:59am, your sell lead will rank higher than vendors who publish their sell leads at 6:00am or 7:30am. Similarly, you will need to publish your sell lead close to the time alibaba make second update of their search result. You will need to do that 3 times everyday. The update time is just for your reference, as alibaba change that from time to time, so you will need to be very watchful on the update time.

2)      The match of keywords

Try to research how many names your product get, both general name and long tail name. For example, if I sell door mat on alibaba, I know people often call it floor mat. In term of long tail keywords, buyers will search “rubber door mat”, “pvc door mat”, “coil door mat”, “print door mat”, so you will need to make 5 sell leads based on 5 keywords. Exact match of keyword on title ranks better than broad match of keyword. One thing to avoid is do not stuff all the keywords on the title in one sell lead, such as “sell door mat/coil mat/rubber door mat”, do it separately.

3) If you choose Alipay(like paypal) as payment option, the ranking will be better than not choosing it. The reason is understandable: Alibaba try to sell their products. Also 一口价发布(sell lead with price)ranks better than general sell leads.

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