Baidu advanced search command

Baidu advanced search commands are just like yahoo and google search operators. Most of the search commands of these search engine are the same, but Baidu has some special advanced queries that other search engine don’t have. In this article, we will introduce basic Baidu advance operators that online marketer and researcher must know.

Baidu advanced operators list
Phrase search (“”)
When you search “keywords” on baidu, baidu will return the exact match phrases in exact order. For example, if you search 北京大学(Beijing University),in the search result, you will find 北京科技大学,北京邮电大学 as well as 北京大学,but if you search “北京大学”, only exact match search result will turn up.

The search intitle:keyword only show search results that have keywords in title.

Inurl:keyword search will show search results that have the keyword in url.

Site operator only shows search result within certain website, if you search 姚明(Yaoming), all search results on about basketball player Yaoming will show up. Please note there is no space between site: and the website.

If you want to exclude search result about certain phrases, you can use “-“ in the search query. For example 姚明 –博客,the search results will show all information about Yaoming except for blog. Please note there is a space between first phrase and minus, but it is okay if we add space or not to minus and the keyword to be excluded.

《》is used to search a book, movie. For example, when you search 《手机(mobile)》, the book and movie about mobile phone will turn out. But if search without《》, when you search mobile phone, you are expected to receive a search list of the mobile phone we used.

For more information about Baidu advanced command, please visit here.

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