Baidu PPC ultimate guide part 1

Unlike Google, Baidu partners with advertising agent company in different regions of China, when we register up on, your registration information will be forwarded to local Baibu partner, the salesman will contact you shortly after.

To protect the interests of local partner, Baidu forbid advertisers to operate through Baidu agents in other regions, advertiser will be asked to signed a contract, and then send their business license copy(for companies) or identity card copy, which will be sent to Baidu headquarter for approval. Once your application is approved and the payment is made, your Baidu bid account will be activated within 1 to 2 business days.

Baidu PPC account deposit and operation fee?

Advertisers need to deposit 5000RMB to their pay per click account, the deposit is non-refundable. That means if you can’t spend up the deposit and want to close your account, you can’t ask for refund. Baidu company also charge 600RMB for operation fee. In most cases, if you don’t want to deposit that much money to your account, you can push Baidu salesman by saying that Baidu partners in other regions only ask for 3000RMB deposit, mostly they can lower the standard to 3000RMB.

Foreign companies how to open accounts and advertise on Baidu?

Foreign companies can contact Baidu headquarter in Beijing to set up PPC account. Normally, the inquiry will be forwarded to Baidu Beijing Branch. Foreign company should send business license copy and company website(the website you plan to promote on Baidu) for approval. It will be a bit tricky if you are a marketing company and you are promoting business for your clients. In that case, Baidu might ask your client to send business license and commercial contract between you and your clients to confirm that you are entitled to promote the website. There are reasons why Baidu is so cautious to approve the qualification of advertisers because they have been fined and publicized for facilitating advertising of illegal business such as fake medicine.

How many website you can promote on one baidu account?

According to Baidu policy, one account can only promote one website. So in case you have many websites and businesses, you have to account numerous accounts to promote different websites. This will be really costly if you are only testing the water.

Baidu support and after-sale service
Baidu after-sale representatives are very supportive, they provide 8 hours/5 days live support, you can talk to them on instant messenger or call them, they will walk you through to solve all the problem. Google after-sale support is not at the same level of Baidu.

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