How to set up Baidu PPC account?

We have given our pros and cons of Baidu professional edition and classical edition in China PPC campaign guide part 1, in this article, we will walk you through the whole process of setting up ad groups on

Setting up account on Baidu PPC platform

Baidu Phoenix Nest is very much like google adwords, though there are many difference practically.

Step 1 Click to enter professional edition, create new promote plan(campaign):


Step 2  Choose where to target.

Advertiser can choose where to advertise and which province to exclude. Advertiser can only exclude province, they can’t go further to exclude a city or do accurate exclusion like google. So if you want to block your ad to be seen by a competitor in a city, you have to give you the whole province the city lies in(in China, many province has more than 100 million population, so it looks like you are giving up a population of big country).

Baidu ppc account 2

Step 3 create ad copy

The ad title allows 26 characters(13 Chinese characters). In the description, first line and second line both allow 36 characters(18 Chinese characters). Advertisers can insert {}(wildcard) in title and description so that when people search the keywords in this ad group, the keyword will be automatically inserted in the {}, this will make your ad more relevant and increase the click through rate, Baidu give high quality score to ad copy using wildcard, and high quality score can lower the cost per click. Baidu encourage advertiser to write 2 ad copies for each ad group. Like google, advertiser can choose rotate evenly or rotate in a optimized way.

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