11 reasons why your baidu union account was banned

Publishers like baidu union.  In 2009, Webmasters had earned RMB690 million from baidu union advertise on their websites. And recently, Baidu promised to give publishers 10% to 15% more income of baidu union advertising.

Publishers hate baidu union. Compared with other content networks, such as google adsense, taobao Union, tencent soso union, baidu union is most arrogant, non-transparent, they give the smallest percentage of income from advertising to webmasters. And most of all, they ban your publisher account so often without proper explanation.

But let us face the fact and then figure a way out. Baidu.com is dominant in China, with google’s withdrawal, baidu union is almost the only reliable income source that webmasters can rely on.

By reading through the rules and regulations of baidu union, we would like to share 13 reasons why your baidu union account is banned.

No 1 Keyword stuffing
Stuff unrelated and high CPC(cost per click) keywords on their web page.

No 2. Traffic theft
Create software and plug-in to steal traffic from baidu.com and other baidu union members.

No.3 Hint visitor to click baidu ad
The rule of baidu union advertise is web visitors take the initiative to click advertisement out of their own will and choice. However, many publisher will add the following words beside baidu advertisement, such as “please click ad to support our website”, “download is only available after you click the ad” etc, which are seen as click fraud by baidu union.

No.4 Forcible click
If the users don’t click ad, the pop up window will appear again and again until the users click the ads.

No.5 Under disguise of iframe
Use iframe to disguise baidu ad so users won’t realize they are clicking ads.

No.6 Click fraud software
Make software and script to click ads.

No.7 dump page
Web page don’t have any meaningful content and information, but stuffing of baidu ads.

No.8 Hide click through page
Webmasters use js to hide or block the pop up page the baidu ad leads to, so users can’t see the destination page when they click ads.

No.9 baidu ads stuffing
Webmasters stuffing too much baidu ads in single page or stuffing too many type of baidu ads type in single page, which will decrease the accuracy of clicking.

No.10 iframe format
Unlike No.5, webmasters didn’t disguise the ads in the format of iframe, they use iframe, but mention it is baidu ads. However, it is often regarded mistakenly by baidu algorithm as it is too complicated to distinguish which iframe is spam and which is not. So we advise not to use iframe to put baidu ads.

No.11 high click through rate
If your click through rate is higher than 1%, then you are on baidu watch list, take care.

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