Use google and baidu trends to do buzz marketing in China

Like Google trends in English, google trends has Chinese version, it is called google rebang(谷歌热榜). Google rebang has many interesting features like most searched keywords today, most searched keywords this week, most searched celebrities, most searched novels, most searched movies, most searched cars, most searched book, most searched cartoon, most searched luxury brands, most searched music, most searched game, etc, which are really valuable for online research and marketing.

Google update their trends chart on a hourly basis, in comparison, Baidu Trends(Baidu Fengyun Bang) only update once everyday. Google rebang catch breaking news faster than Baidu trends.

Many websites build buzz contents based on the keywords on google and baidu trends to attract search engine traffic, this strategy works extremely well, annually, a successful buzz marketing campaign can attract 10+ million visitors.

So this could be used as a perfect marketing strategy for a brand to increase brand awareness.

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