Alibaba launch PPC advertising program to Alibaba members

Alibaba has developed a PPC(pay per click) advertising program, similar with google adwords. Alibaba PPC program was launched in March 2009. Since it is newly launched, sellers are not familiar with the advertising program at the moment, but more and more sellers are prepared to have a try of the bidding program, which is very new to them.

An introduction of Alibaba PPC:

There are 10 spots on each search result page sellers can bid. The top 5 and the last 2. At bottom of the search result page(not included in the search result), there are another 3 spots called “What is hot”. Alibaba has conducted a research of Chinese search habit, they think that the last 2 spot and the 3 spots on “what is hot” are more easily to get attention from buyers than those appear in the middle of the search result. The rule for their PPC is the higher you bid then the higher your sell lead will rank.

Alibaba PPC program is only available for trustpass members, free member can’t use Alibaba PPC. Sellers need to deposit 1000RMB to open their bid account, this deposit is non-refundable.

We have contacted Alibaba to express some concerns of their bidding system, here are answers from alibaba to those questions:

  • How do they avoid click fraud?
  • Answer: Alibaba has developed a software to discount the clicks from alibaba staff, repeat click from your competitors. For those buyers that have clicked your ad several times, Alibaba only count it as 1 click.

    Comment: This sounds good, but easy to talk than act. Alibaba don’t provide any evidence to show that they can avoid click fraud technically. But that is the same everywhere, for google Adwords, we don’t have much say too.

  • Do they have any analytics program like google analytics to track the behavior of visitors?
  • Answer: No, they don’t. But on your alibaba trustpass account, you can access to the statistics of click numbers, cost, credit balance etc.

    We will write another article on the effectiveness of Alibaba PPC and the problem of click fraud on Alibaba.

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