Alimama PPC advertising, 67964 cliks, no conversion!

The effect of PPC campaign on Alimama

We recently launched an online marketing campaign for a big hotel brand in France. The marketing campaign including social media marketing and search engine marketing(including PPC).

We have been using Google, and Alibaba platform to launch PPC campaign. But this time, we decide to spend 1000USD on alimama over a period of 7 days to test the advertising effect there.

Alimama is an online advertise trade platform for advertiser and publisher. Advertiser can buy CPC(cost per click), CPM(cost per impression), CPT(cost per time) ad on Alimama.

Most the comments we have heard about Alimama are negative, one of the biggest concern is click fraud. I can’t judge the effect of advertising on Alimama platform until we ourselves get first-hand information, besides, The parent company of is Alibaba Inc, which also own yahoo China and Alibaba, both websites have established PPC advertising program. So, we decided to give it a try.

The performance of our PPC campaign on other platforms like google China and are very good, but the output of Alimama is really bad.

Here is the statistics of our performance on Alimama:

Clicks       67,964

Expense     6786RMB

Conversion   0

Our tracking software show that 98% of the clicks from this campaign bounce back within a few seconds. The only answer that can explain this is click fraud.

We tried to contact Alimama to see how they look at our campaign performance and the click fraud issue. Unfortunately, the telephone number listed on their website doesn’t work at all and their live support staff never answer my questions.

So this is a costly lesson that we learned.

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