Google-China affair: the insider perspective

Our chief author, Steven Chow, recently wrote an-indepth analysis of how google’s potential quit will affect China society. The article entitled “The Google-China Affair: An Insider’s Perspective” is published exclusively on Alrroya, the leading business newspaper in Dubai, U.A.E.  Here is the link.

Negotiation between China government and Google is still going on,  if google quit in the end, it will become a huge blow to China internet industry, with China having over 3.23 million websites and the largest number of internet users in the world, the demise would result to a catastrophic end to AdSense revenue-reliant companies. Likewise, Google SEO professionals would also be poised to lose their jobs.

The Google-China Affair: An Insider’s Perspective

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2 Responses to “Google-China affair: the insider perspective”
  1. Tait says:

    If we couldn’t use AdSense in China…that would suck!

    Somehow I’ve just stopped paying attention to this issue for the most part. It doesn’t seem like anything is happening…

  2. Steven Chow says:

    It would affect us hugely if is closed, might be blocked if they don’t cencor search result, google products like Gmail and google earth can’t be accessed here, million plus website that rely on adsense will be affected, Chinese small and medium sized companies can’t advertise on google adwords anymore……

    But all that is speculation. Let us hope for good. And it seems that google tend to stay now.