Top 10 Chinese forums – introduction of China internet resources Part 1

Forum postings are very important for online research and online marketing, especially in China. Users of forums are much more active than users of blog, SNS, SBS, etc. So, identification and selection of the right forums to buy Ads, create discussion and follow discussion is the key to a successful online marketing campaign. In this article, We will introduce top 10 forums in China, this is the part 1 of our introduction of China internet resources series articles.

1. Baidu Tieba or Baidu Post Bar
As a forum of, the leading Chinese search engine in the world, Baidu post bar has tens of millions registered users.

Baidu Tieba is somewhere that people can show their ideas, like a big group. At there, people express what they think about a specific topic. In this big group, there are so many smaller groups, each group has its own keywords which is the common interest of every members. In addition, people can dicsuss in Baidu Paste Bar without creating account. There are some bars whose topic is about a novel. In these bars, the masters of the bar will update the novel at the first time.

There are more than two million bars now. Many of them have been created by fans of a star/film/comic/book, etc. Nearly three million posts have been published in these bars. According to Alexa Internet, the traffic of Baidu Paste Bar has taken up more than 10% of the total traffic of Baidu.

2. Mop
Mop is one of the most popular forums among young and educated people. Chinese has never been so extrovert and open in the real world or in any other online community than they are on They mock politicians, tell story about their affairs, curse Chinese national soccer team, gossiping, etc. All the posts by tens of million users were made under one category(, your post will sink within a few seconds, elite post will never sink.

This community has most educated user base. This is a community where elite Chinese gathers. Very poineering. Hot posts on will be cited by numerous newspapers and websites.

4. Sina forum
Sina is one of the leading portal websites in China. Sina has a good relationship with media, so the posts and polls on are often quoted in television program.

5. Sohu Forum
Sohu is one of the leading portal websites in China. Sohu forum is extremely active.

6. 163 Forum
Url:, like Sohu and Sina, is one of the 3 leading portal websites in China.

7. QQ forum
QQ is the most popular instant messenger in China, with more than 200 million registered users. QQ blog, QQ game, QQ space, QQ group, QQ 3D show and QQ forum are very popular among young people.

8. Xinhuanet Forum
This website has government background, is filled with patriots and a few nationalists.

9. Xilu
Very popular forum, especially the military and female category.

10. Tom Forum
This website is found by Chinese richest businessman. Focus on fashion and entertainment.

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