China online dating market report part 2 – top 10 Chinese online dating websites

Major China online dating websites/companies


Shijijiayuan was founded in 2003, within 5 years, now it has become the biggest China online dating website. Shijijiayuan has raised 200 million RMB venture capital, and it is planning to get their company listed in Nasdaq within 3 years. Shijijiayuan is aggresive in online marketing, they spent more money on online advertising, than any companies in China. has more than 17 million registered users, everyday more than 20,000 new users sign up, 53.82% users have bachelor degree, 5000 to 8000 users find their soul mate on the website everyday.

Zhenai( was first created in May 1998 and is the oldest dating site in China. SinoFriends Inc., a mobile social networking service provider founded by the serial Internet entrepreneur Dr. Song Li and Avi Xiong in January 2004, acquired in January 2005 and re-launched the site in April 2005 as the first paid online dating site in China. is the most established brand among China’s urban professionals who use online dating services to look for long-term relationships. Most of its members are university-educated and urban professionals. SinoFriends Inc., the operator of, is financially backed by a group of international investment funds: Bridger Capital (the U.S.), MC Capital (Japan) and SEAVI Advent (Singapore).

Baihe(, which claims to be the largest online dating service provider in China, has its origins in, a social networking site which was launched in 2003.When its founders realized that a majority of users used the site for dating purposes, they launched a separate dating and match-making site,, which was renamed in 2005. The site has 5 million users with 4,000 to 6,000 new users registering every day. In 2005 and 2006, has raised 11 million USD from Mayfield Fund, NEA, GSR Ventures and NorthernLight.

Marry5( , headquartered in Guangzhou city of China, is the leading dating service provider on multiple platforms (including Internet, mobile and offline) in China. In June 2005, SAIF ( ) invested US$12.50 million in ACT Technology Co., Ltd (parent of for a minority stake. Since its launch on October 28, 2005, had had more than 6 million active registered users with monthly revenues exceeding RMB2.3 million. The number of new members recently also exceeded 300,000 each month. In addition to online services, provides wireless and offline activities to ensure integrated friends-making services for its members under the support of its parent company ACT. With such a system, has enhanced its awareness on the Internet and appeared in the top (based on ALEXA rankings) among China’s dating websites. In the 2006, won many honors, such as a “Top 100 Commercial Website in China,” the “Special Mention Award” at the China Internet Conference 2006, and the “Top 10 Creative Investment Awards 2006.”


iPart is China’s largest domestic web2.0 Avatar — SNS dating bog and community site. It started operations in August 2005 and is committed to the concepts of “youth, creation and innovation”. Through the online information platform, it offers web and mobile users various internet services including netizen blogs, minihompy, photo albums, friendship and dating services, as well as wireless value-added functions. has raised 6 million USD venture capital.[1]

Yeeyoo( is the first website launched by eFriendsNet. It targets at young generation Internet and cell phone users in China. provide customers online dating, business networking and classify service through trusted friends circle and online communiy. 70% shares of Yeeyoo was bought by Meetic in 2006 at the price of 20 million USD.

Zhiji( is a online dating and friends making social networking site based in Hainan province, China. Features include online dating, group, blog, games and so on. They have more than 10 million registered users.


Juedui100 was founded in 2005, the founder is a psychologist. Juedui100’s psychologist team developed a psychological test which make the matching more accurate, Juedui100 has applied for patent for their matching system. Juedui100 has 8 million registered users.

[1] According to

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