Kaspersky payment strategy in China market

One of the biggest issues overseas big software company face in China market is to develop an effective while convenient payment strategy, the payment strategy should cover the major online and offline payment options in China. Kaspersky is a successful sample we can learn from. Below is the major payment solution on Kaspersky website.

a. Online bank transfer:
Kaspersky accept online bank transfer of the following major banks in China: China merchants bank, Agricultural bank of China, Bank of China, Industrial and commercial bank of China, China construction bank, SPD bank, Bank of communications, China minsheng bank, Shenzhen development bank, Guangdong development bank, China Citic bank, Huaxia bank, China industrial bank, Guangzhou agricultural credit cooperative, Guangzhou commercial bank, Shanghai rural commercial bank, China post, Bank of Beijing, China Bohai bank, Beijing rural commercial bank, Bank of Nanjing, China everbright bank

kaspersky payment bank china
b. Online third party payment platform:
Kaspersky accept payment from the following online third party payment platforms:
Alipay, Tenpay, 99bill, Payease

online payment platform

c. Mobile payment
Mobile prepaid card payment
Kaspersky accept mobile prepaid charge card and gaming prepaid point card payment.
Payment from China Unicom and China Telecom mobile prepaid card are made through 19pay, Payment from China Mobile prepaid card can be made directly.

Mobile text message payment
Kaspersky accept mobile text message payment(buyer input their mobile number, then they will receive an instruction text message, upon reply, the purchase will be confirmed, payment will be deducted from mobile account credit and activation number will be sent to that mobile number)

China mobile has built a online payment platform called “Soopay”, which is used by China mobile users to mobile payment. Kaspersky accept mobile payment from Soopay platform.

d. Credit card payment
Kaspersky accept credit card payment from the following major banks in China: China merchants bank, China construction bank, Bank of China, Agricultural bank of China, Guangdong development bank, China Citic bank, Shenzhen development bank, China industrial bank, SPD bank, China minsheng bank, Bank of Beijing, Bank of Ningbo, Huaxia bank, Industrial band commercial bank of China

kaba credit card payment

e. gaming prepaid card and virtual currency payment
Kaspersky accept gaming prepaid card from Shanda, Zhengtu, 9you and virtual currency payment like QQ currency. All these payment is made through Tianxiafu.

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