Taobao ranking algorithm changes, the leading C2C ecommerce site in China, announced today that taobao will factor in after-sale service record of sellers in their internal search algorithm since July 8th. Point deduction for improper operation, refunds record, complaint record will affect the organic ranking. As accounts for 80% Chinese online shopping market, while sellers rely heavily on the traffic brought by Taobao site search, this adjustment is believed to help improve the service level of online shopping industry.

How to rank better on
The traffic brought by taobao site search plays such an important role to sellers performance. So, sellers have been trying to learn and research SEO techniques based on Taobao search(try to figure out the algorithm of taobao search ranking to manipulate the ranking of sell leads and store profile). Proper optimization is encouraged by, while many sellers push the limits too much: over optimization affect the user experience of search and shopping, in a long run, that will harm the benefit of and the sellers themselves.

Credit points is the major factor in Taobao ranking, the more transactions and positive feedbacks a seller get, the high credit score(hence higher ranking) the seller will achieve. It is a public secret that there is a grey credit manipulation industry serving the special needs of Taobao sellers. Taobao recently began to tackle credit manipulation and spam issues. According to Taobao policy, credit manipulation, fake transaction, misplacing products under wrong categories on purpose(to achieve high ranking), keyword stuffing etc are deemed spammy behaviors that Taobao will punish. Over optimization and spamming will deteriorate shopping experience of Taobao buyers, decrease the accuracy of search result, disappointed buyers will choose other shopping platforms if things go on like this.

Opportunity for small and medium sized new stores
The algorithm tweak will give small and medium size stores an good opportunity to catch up and compete with big players who are willing to invest hundred of thousand RMB in Taobao SEO. For new players, if you can provide quality products, and excellent services, with proper optimization, they can achieve high ranking.

Alibaba Inc., the parent company of, has rich experience in search engine technology. Years ago, Alibaba has acquired Yahoo China to enter Chinese search market. In 2009, Alibaba introduce PPC advertising program(same like pay per click advertising of search engine) to, which has become a huge success.

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