The verbal war between Chinese anti virus software company on Sina microblog

A greater verbal war was brewing between Kingsoft and 360 Security Guard. The cause of this verbal exchange was as follows: on May 21, as alleged by Kingsoft Inc., many Kingsoft WebShield users filed complaints to the Kingsoft Software Customer Service Center that 360 Security Guard ( viciously uninstalled the Kingsoft WebShield. According to an investigation by Kingsoft Anti-Virus Safety Laboratory (, it found that, on the night of May 20, Qihoo 360 Inc. used the excuse of compatibility problem to force its users to uninstall the Kingsoft WebShield while upgrading its complete edition of 360 Security Guard.

Zhou Hong-yi fired the first shot at Kingsoft

For this, the 360 safety guard CEO Zhou Hong-yi was the first to fire a shot at Kingsoft on Sina Twitter on May 25 this year (

At the start, Mr. Zhou was a little bit reserved. He did not explicitly mention the name of Kingsoft. As written in his Sina twitter, not a long time ago, someone spread two assembled video clips massively online. It was alleged that the 360 handset WenShield stole the user privacy.

Subsequently he quoted directly from the 360 official Sina microblog. It stated that how could Kingsoft WebShield become a downloading path of Trojan? As of this April, many 360 users have posted BBS messages to seek helps: once a browser was opened, an unknown website called “67160 website directory” would be automatically visited. And the site was full of scam information. The cause might be due to a security loophole in the browser homepage locking function of Kingsoft WebShield.

After igniting a hot industrial discussion, Mr. Zhou had a high praise of the communicative effects of Sina microblog. In his words, Sina microblog had such a great impact that someone called me a few minutes later. One domestic loophole research website publicized the loophole of Kingsoft yesterday. First a telephone call came from an unidentified source saying that: someone would pay it to delete the loophole. After a refusal, it came under a round of unknown DDOS attacks. A hacker came along to remove the negative news report. It was such a virulent move! Previously I was said to be iron-handed. In comparison, I was greatly paled. ”

As pointed out by the industrial analysts, the Sina microblog is becoming an official press releasing site for individuals, enterprises and institutions. People began to use Sina microblog to learn breaking news.

At 17:49, May 25, 3 hours after the first relevant tweet was published by Mr. Zhou, Kingsoft Duba ( responded on their Sina microblog: “Thank CEO Zhou for paying a priority attention to Kingsoft WebShield. The culture and values of Kingsoft will be evaluated by our own users and cooperative partners. Regarding the recent events, Kingsoft will offer explanations on one occasion shortly. The innocent is always innocent and the murky always murky. All twitter users will be notified timely of the timetable and venue of our explanations. ”

Keniu software CEO Fu Sheng joined the fray

Last night Keniu free anti-virus software had a debut on Sina Twitter. As revealed by Keniu Software CEO Fu Sheng on his Sina microblog (, only 5 minutes after the release of Keniu Anti-virus Software, 360 Security Guard intercepted its installation.

Mr. Fu stated that: “I sincerely hope that CEO Zhou may truly lead us to cultivate a fairly competing environment and respect the rights of users to know the truth and make options in security industry. But we trouble CEO Zhou to explain the reason for 360 Security Guard intercepting Keniu Antivirus. Can you please give a straightforward answer?”

Kingsoft Security CEO responded on Sina

When Mr. Zhou fought an ongoing twitter bombardment at Kingsoft, the Kingsoft security CEO Wang Xin ( responded on his personal Sina microblog by claiming that not many resources would not be devoted to fight against this 360-agitated war. The innocent is always innocent. Any verbal abuse does no good for the users. We shall continue to concentrate our efforts upon the fights with viruses and Trojans. Continuous product self-improvements. This may disappoint some people. An evil dog has bitten you. Do you want to bite back? ”.

Then, Mr. Wang clarified some accusations of Mr. Zhou. As to the loophole issue raised consistently by Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wang indicated:“On the morning of May 25, we received the first mail from CNCERT/CC stating that Kingsoft WebShield might have some technical loopholes. We started to tackle the problems and completed the upgrade at night the same day. ”

As to the causes of loophole, Mr. Wang had an honest response: “No single product is without a loophole. Even after application for so many years, the Windows OS is still developing patches to fix its loopholes. It is the same case for both Kingsoft WebShield and 360 Security Guard. To quote a line from 360: 360 Security Center has determined that any software is likely to develop a loophole. The key issue is to face and solve it after finding the loophole. ””

The power of Sina microblog

The verbal war between anti-virus software is not uncommon. But it was the first time for various sides to exchange ideas on a publicity platform of Sina microblog. As reported by Sina Tech, throughout this fray, the words of Zhou, Wang and Fu were somewhat violent. Yet the ordinary users showed a strong interest in the opinions of this event.

Although Mr. Zhou had been a recognized Maverick in the IT industry, he and his team had some misgivings about his blunt bombardment of Kingsoft on Sina Twitter. In Mr. Zhou words, my company colleagues came out to criticize me. Writing my twitter that way would tarnish my personal image. Such a piss-off. ”

After a short time of 4 minutes, Mr. Zhou responded:“After reviewing the comment postings, everyone encouraged me to continue my Sina microblog. Then I have no mercy and let my personal image go to the hell. ” The effects of ordinary netizens’ comments upon Mr. Zhou were plainly obvious.

Likewise, the first tweet of Keniu Software CEO Fu Sheng questioning 360 Security Guard was a direct quote of Kingsoft Duba spokesperson Li Tie-jun. Mr. Li pointed out in his tweet that Keniu Antivirus Software was directly intercepted by 360 Security Guard.

And today Mr. Wang agreed with netizen ant801 in his microblog: “AV-C is equal to a World Cup of football. Kingsoft managed to enter the rank of final 32. But the tally result was far behind. Then it became the laughing stock of those disqualified contestants. ” He praised that such a metaphor was fitting.

As commented by the industrial insiders, different from a traditional press release by an enterprise, twitter amplifies the elements of interactivity so that an individual or enterprise may know the timely viewpoints of netizens.

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