Baidu Invests Tens of Millions of RMB to Help with the SME

On May 17, on the New Driving Force 2012—Baidu Xiang Plan Assisting SME Development Summit, Wuhan Economic Information Committee and Baidu jointly announced that the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation, carry out overall organization of the implementation of SME support programs – Xiang plan.” Baidu will invest dozens million of RMB to aid city’s business development. This event houses leaders from the Economic Information Committee, senior officials from Baidu, and nearly a thousand representatives from local SME.

In accordance with the Xiang-Plan announced in Wuhan, the City Economic Information Committee shall cooperate with Baidu to set up a specialized public search marketing services platform to provide a full range of value-added Internet search marketing services for SME. Starting from 2012, the Committee each year will screen out and give support to 300 SME that can generate industrial-driven effect, and will give preferential support to 1000 SME with good growth momentum. And Baidu will offer expense preference to these enterprises when they carried out SEM (Search Engine Marketing), besides, it will also offer marketing tools and resources such as Baidu Business Bridge and Baidu corporation Q & A platform as free gifts. In particular, they would mark those enterprises on the maps for free. And the SME can solve their marketing problems by taking advantage of Baidu’s influence. And at the same time improve their brand recognition. Meanwhile, to change the status quo of lacking of personnel in these SME, Baidu will carry out training for these SME, 5000 ones each year.

In recent years, the city of Wuhan, as the center of the Central Economic Zone and pilot city for E-commerce in China, had driven into the fast lane. In the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the scale of China’s e-commerce transactions will reach 18 trillion yuan, ranking the eighth in the whole country. What is worth mentioning is that our city’s e-commerce transactions accounted for more than the 70 % of the province. As a result, ours has been listed as one of the pilot city of E-commerce in China, and our city boasts the name of Champion City and the City of Wisdom. It can be said that to speed up the development of electronic commerce is an inevitable choice of the integration of the urbanization and industrialization. According to the Xiang Hailong, vice president of Baidu, Wuhan’s 8+1 city circles is one of the important economic growth areas of inland China. Baidu is willing to join hands in the Wuhan government, enterprises, and speed up the process of urban informationization, promote e-government, and to build a new economic form featuring digitalization and networking.

At present, SME in our province has showed great progress in put search marketing into application. Now there are more than 30,000 enterprises that had caught the express train of search marketing , and a large number of enterprises began to develop rapidly by taking advantage of the search marketing, especially for those enterprises in the field of Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries , audio books, online services, cosmetics, energy saving and environmental protection. In the first quarter of this year alone, more than 1600 enterprises began to try this brand new way of promotion. And some of them even get overseas orders through this promotion service and embark on a path leading to rapid development.

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