Brief introduction

51, established in August 2005, is the largest social network service provider in China. 51 is jointly invested by Sequoia Capital, SIG Asia Investments (SAI), Giant Interactive, Intel Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and a few others.

As of June 2009, 51 has over 160 million register users, among them 38.5 million log in at least once a month. These users generate about 350 million page view per day, upload over 10 million photos and write over 3 million blogs per day.

Name: 51

Company: 51.com

Private or public: Private

Address: Building 3, First Shanghai Plaza, No. 180, Zhang Heng Rd, Zhangjiang Hi Tech Industry Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201204 China

Contact information: Tel : (86) 21-58815151;(86)21-33932780  Fax : (86) 21-58815151

User base: 160 million[1]

Revenue: $15 million[2]

Market share: 29%[3]

Comparison of unique visitors between 51.com and its main competitors. Source: chinarank.org.cn

User number growth rate: 60%

Revenue growth rate: 100%[4]

Competition: kaixin001.com, renren.com, chinaren.com.

Relevant news

Venture Capital funding[5]

51.com raised $6 million from Sequoia Capital and joined by SIG in May 2006.

In 2007, raised USD 15 million from Intel Capital, Redpoint, Sequoia and SIG.

In July, 2008, a third round of funding of over USD 50 million was led by Giant Interactive

[1] According to the statistics released at http://company.51.com/index.php, the ranking result from third party alexa.com, chinarank.org.cn and cr-nielson.com.cn is more objective and authorative.

[2] According to the statistics disclosed in an email interview of the CEO of 51.com at http://tech.163.com/09/1023/17/5MB0G0HK000915BF.html

[3] The market share is calculated based on the objective statistics from third party(including Chinarank.org.cn, alexa.com and cr-nielson.com.cn), the registered number of those websites announced by those companies themselves was not factored in.

[4] According to CEO of 51.com, the income of 2008 has been doubled. http://tech.163.com/09/1023/17/5MB0G0HK000915BF.html

[5] According to http://company.51.com/index_en.php

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