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Brief introduction

Beijing Jiangmin New Technology Co. Ltd (Jiangmin Science and Technology) was established in 1996 with a registered capital of twenty million yuan. It is a state-certified high-tech enterprise, China’s well-known anti-virus computer software company, member of International Anti-Virus Association and the technical support for the 29th Olympic Games’ network security headquarters. Its scope of R & D and business covers a series of information security products like standalone and networking anti-virus software and hacker firewall, as well as anti-virus software for mail servers.

Company: Jiangmin.com

Jiangmin Founder: Wang Jiangmin (http://baike.baidu.com/view/82709.htm)

Tencent official website: http://www.jiangmin.com

Private or public traded: Private

Market capitalization(Market Cap): n/a

Address: A Digital Building 32 FL., No.2 South Street, Zhongguan Cun, Haidian District, Beijing City

Contact information: 86+10-82511166 (Beijing)

Email address: kvnet@jiangmin.com

Registered User number: 15 million[1]

User growth rate: 7.5%[2]

Revenue: 4.71 million USD

Revenue growth rate: 25%

Venture Captial(VC investors of Jiangmin): n/a

Competitors: qihoo.com, 360.com

Jiangmin financial report: n/a

Wang Jiangmin Passed Away[3]

on April 4, 2010 around 10 a.m. the official website of Jiangmin New Technology Co. Ltd , one of China’s leading anti-virus computer software company into a massive shade of grey, with a official obituary posted right in the center of the homepage of the website, saying that Wang Jiangmin, board chairman of Jiangmin Science and Technology, user of Bjdiaoyu.com with the username “haowan”, died of heart-attack when angling at the Xinxiang fish pond in the west suburb of Beijing after all rescue measures proved ineffectual, at the age of 59.

On April 12, 2010, Saturday, Jiangmin New Technology Co. Ltd called an interim Board meeting to make a preliminary arrangement for its further development. It was decided on this meeting that Wang Ying, the only son of Wang Jiangmin, will be in charge of the Jiangmin Company. Besides, Gao Ning, Wang Jiangmin ex-wife, will also suspended the transfer of her shares. Gao Ning said she would give as much support to Wang Ying as she did to Wang Jiangmin.

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