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Dangdang.com is leading Chinese online B2C eCommerce website selling books, music, DVD, movies, cosmetics, home appliance, apparel etc. Dangdang.com was founded in 1999, and has raised more than $40 million in venture capital from DCM, Alto Global, and Softbank.

More than 100,000 users buy from dangdang.com every day; it sells more than 20 million items every month.


Company: Dangdang.com

Private or public: Public listed on December 8th, 2010 at NYSE

Dangdang Market Cap(capitalization):USD936 million

Dangdang Investor/Venture Capital(VC):DCM, Alto Global, and Softbank.

Address: F4 Sanli building No.208 Andingmenwai street Dongcheng district Beijing China

Contact information: Tel: 010-5922-2799

User base: 4.46million[1]

Revenue: $10 million

Market share: 14.6% (B2C market)

User number growth rate: 120%

Revenue growth rate: 100%


The main competitors of Dangdang.com are Amazon.cn, redbaby.com.cn, 360buy.com and other B2C websites.

Relevant news

Dangdang get $11 million from Tiger Tech Fund[2]

Li Guoqing and Yu Yu, the joint presidents of China’s biggest online book seller Dang Dang, announced on December 31 that the company has succeeded in raising a third round of capital, attracting US$11 million from Tiger Technology Fund, which also invested in rival Joyo in October. Tiger Technology Fund estimates Dang Dang’s market value at US$60 million, its $11 million giving it an 18 percent stake. After Tiger’s entry, shares of existing shareholders including IDG, Softbank and Luxemburg Cambridge Investment holdings have been diluted. However, the management team’s share holding through Beijing Kewen Guolue has increased and is now the controlling shareholder.

Dangdang secured USD 27 million in third round funding[3]

Dangdang.com, China’s largest online retailer, announced Thursday it has secured $27 million in a third round of venture financing led by Menlo Park-based DCM-Doll Capital Management.

Walden International and Alto Global Investment, both based in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined DCM in the round. Alto Global is a consortium of investors that includes some of Dangdang’s existing venture backers.

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[3] http://www.redherring.com/Home/17485

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