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Brief introduction was developed by and is operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Focus Technology is a pioneer and leader in the field of electronic business in China. Founded in 1996, with the mission of enabling clients to drive cost down and increase sales and profits with effective web-based solutions, Focus Technology has helped many Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets and meet the needs of their clients.

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Company: Focus Technology Co., Ltd.

Private or public: Private (their IPO application has been approved in August 2009)

Address: 8-12/F, Block A, Software Building, Xinghuo Road, Nanjing New & High Technology Industry Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Contact information: Tel : +86-25-8321 3700 +86-25-6667 0000

User base: 3.61 million[1]

Revenue: $51 million

Market share: 6.46%[2]

User growth rate: 20%

Revenue growth rate:18%


Relevant news IPO application approved[3]

According to the announcement of China securities regulatory commission, the IPO application of focus technology Co., Ltd has been approved. According to the prospectus, the total number of issued shares will be 117.75 million shares, which will raise $16 million.

[1] According to

[2] According to


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