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On June 5, 2006, icson.com formally opened for operation with a registered capital of 500.000 and an actual investment of 400,000, plus the continuous input of additional capital and short-term liquidity loans, the total investment in Icson amounts to 1.7 million yuan. Icson focuses itself on 3C industry and as an outstanding figure in regional e-commerce industry, its major business regions are in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and southern part of Jiangsu Province. At present Icson owns a staff of 1200 people, among which 60%(700) were in the warehousing, logistics ,and distribution sector. With more than 1,000 brands, 40,000 square meters of warehousing, storage and production capacity of 40,000 per day or more, Icson’s revenue in 2006 exceeds 10 million. Although its capital is not strong enough, its revenue in 2010 exceeds 800 million yuan thank to its quick cash flow. Just as 360buy.com, Icson adopts a low-cost stragety so its gross margin is not very high. Unlike Suning and Gome, which enjoy powerful back support, in the past years Icson has to cut back on the input in investment so as to make its ends meet. Although it has a revenue of more than 800 million yuan, it has never made itself to any navigation website, and has never launched any SEM. Up to now its largest input on advertisement was a several million RMB worth advertisement by the end of 2010 after it had made an agreement with Tencent. In the first quarter of 2011, Icson has maintained a growth rate of more than 4 times.

Company: icson

Icson Founder: Bu Guangqi , Resume

Icson official website: http://www.icson.com/

Private or public traded: Pravite

Market capitalization(Market Cap): n/a

Address:Room 3307, No.4 building, No.737 Caoxi Road(N), Xuhui Zone,Shanghai, China.

Contact information: 021-61831100

Email: service@icson.com

User number: 0.4 million[1]

User growth rate:

Revenue: 214.6064 million RMB[2]

Revenue growth rate: 50[3]

Venture Captial(VC investors of Tencent): Sequoia Capital, Capital Today Group, Bull Capital Partners Ltd.

Competitors: Vancl, 360.com, dangdang, joyo Amazon

Icson financial report: n/a

Relevant news stories

Icson’s Logistic Case[4]

Icson.com, the third largest e-commerce website, next only to 360.buy and newegg.com, has reached a turnover of nearly 400 million yuan. As for Bu Guangqi, General Manager of Icson, his goal was to score 20 billion yuan revenue in 5 years. What makes him confident is that Icson has developed a fairly good operational system and ideals, making it ready for expanding to the whole countries。

In fact, icson was a latecomer to the e-commerce industry. Bu Guangqi founded Icson in June 2006, when the industry is about to start a new round of rapid development. At first, Bu Guangqi and partners managed to scrape together some 1 million yuan and made a total sale of over 10 million yuan in the same year. Since then they relied on no financing, only their own cash flow, to make their sales exceeds 300 million yuan.

Shanda Networking’s Bambook Has Been on Top of the E-Book Sales List of Icson for 4 Months[5]

According to Icson’s e-book sales list, shanda networking’s Bambook has been on top of the E-book sales list for 4 months. Yu Yi, Director of Consumer Electronics Business Department of Icson said: “ever since December, 2010 when the Bambook began its sales in Icson, we have been confident about their sales prospects. And the actual sales have indeed met and far exceeded our expectation. Starting from January all along to the end of April, Bambook has always been the bestseller on Icson.

As a well-known e-commerce website in China, Icson was the first comprehensive B2C website to establish a partnership with Shanda. “Among several B2C websites in China, we are the first one to sell Shanda networking’s Bambook.”


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