Brief introduction

ku6 ( http://www.ku6.com/ ) is the first video sharing platform designed on the basis of web.2.0 concept. Boasting the world’s first profit-split interactive marketing business mode and cooperating with China original video Alliance, it has attracted the attention from the whole Internet industry and was deemed as one of the fastest growing internet company. Ku6 had successfully made a legendary financing in only 13 days and has been recognized as the “2007 China Top Ten Cool Company”by Fortune Magazine. Honor has always been with Ku6.com ever since the day when it was founded.

Ku6.com boasts a great team of technology R & D personnel and experienced marketing staff. It has more than 3 million registered users around the world. Everyday the user online is approximately 4 million, and the daily page view exceeds35 million. Among all the online video sharing platform in continental China and the Chinese community around the world, Ku6.com is most loved one and is recognized by Chinese netizens as “China’s top ten WEB2.0 website. “

Company: ku6.com

Ku6 Founder: Li shanyou  (http://baike.baidu.com/view/1073808.htm)

Tencent official website: http://www.ku6.com

Private or public traded: public traded

Market capitalization(Market Cap): 81million

Address:Room A 401 Great Wall Company Building No.38 Xueyuan Road (Jia) Haidian District Beijing City, China.

Contact information: Tel 010-57586666  8610-62361818

Email address: webmaster@ku6.com

User number: 7.5 million[1]

User growth rate: 5.3%[2]

Revenue: 16.6 million USD[3]

Revenue growth rate: 30%

Venture Captial(VC investors of Tencent): DFJ, DT.

Competitors: Tudou.com, youku.com

Ku6 financial report: n/a

Relevant news stories

Shanda Makes an $ 100 Million Investment to Ku.6.com [4]

On the evening of 1st, April, Ku6.com announced that it had received an investment of $100 million in cash mainly from its shares and bonds issued to Shanda Networking Development Co., Ltd. Ku6.com will issue $ 50 million worth of common shares to Shanda at a price of $0.0325 per share, meanwhile, it will also sell senior convertible bonds with a total principal worth of $50 million to Shanda, for a period of 3 years from the date of issue and at an annual interest rate of 3%.

Li Shanyou, Founder and CEO of Ku.6 com Resigned[5]

On last Friday, there has been news about Li Shanyou’s resignation from the Ku6.com. The reason for his resignation was generally believed to be the huge divergence between his and Chen Tianqiao’s ideas concerning Ku6.com’s development strategy. Li wanted to take the television programs and dramas as their main development orientation, whereas Chen preferred to do more news and consultancy programs. This divergence, plus the fact that Li’s contract is due, made Li determine to resign his job.

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