Brief introduction Inc. (NASDAQ: SOHU) is China’s premier online brand and indispensable to the daily life of millions of Chinese, providing a network of web properties and community based/web 2.0 products which offer the vast Sohu user community a broad array of choices regarding information, entertainment and communication. Sohu has built one of the most comprehensive matrices of Chinese language web properties and proprietary search engines, consisting of seven leading web properties.

The registered users of Sohu has reached 100 million, average daily page views has reached 250 million, the highest daily page views exceed 700 million.

Sohu Blog is one of the leading blog services in China. Out of huge user numbers, Sohu has a large blogging user base(more than 10 million) who blog frequently on sohu blog. Unlike Sina’s celebrity blog strategy, Sohu labels itself a “grass root blog”, “web2.0 blog”.

Name: Sohu

Company: Inc

Private or public: Public listed at NASDAQ(market cap:2.60 billion USD[1])

Address: Internet Plaza,
No.1 Park, Zhongguancun East Road,
Haidian District,
Beijing 100084, PRC

Contact information: 8610 – 6272 6666

User base: 100 million

Revenue: $429.1 million[2]

Market share: 32%

User number growth rate: 30%

Revenue growth rate: 230%[3]

Competition:,, and niche portal website like

Sohu Financial Report:

Sohu financial report 2009

Sohu financial report 2008

Relevant news

IPO at NASDAQ in 2000[4]

Shares of hovered close to their lower-than-expected offering price on Wednesday after the Chinese Internet portal made its public debut on the Nasdaq. priced its initial public offering at $13 per share, far below a recently increased target range of $16 to $19 per share. The company’s shares opened at 13-1/32, briefly touched a high of 13-25/32 and slipped to a low of 12-5/8 shortly after trading. IPO[5] Inc. issued a statement in relation to the initial public offering of its massively multi-player online role-playing games (or "MMORPGs") subsidiary, Limited.

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