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Tencent Inc was founded in November 1998, in the coastal city of Shenzhen. Within 12 years, Tencent has become the world’s 3rd largest internet company, following google and Amazon, with market cap over US$ 40 billion. Tencent was listed on Hongkong Stock Exchange on June 16th, 2004.

Tencent operates most popular instant messenger QQ in China, with more than 560 million registered users[1].Tencent product line includes QQ(instant messenger), QQ.com(portal website), soso.com(search engine), Paipai.com(ecommerce website), QQ doctor(anti virus software), Tenpay(second largest online payment company), Qzone(social network site) and more.

In 1999, IDG and Yingke invested 2.2 million USD to buy 20% shares of Tencent respectively. In 2001, Yingke transferred their 20% shares to MIH at 12.6 million USD. Apart from that, MIH acquired 13% shares from IDG and 20% from Tencent founders.[2]

Company: Tencent Inc(Tencent Holdings Limited)

Tencent official website: http://www.tencent.com

Private or public traded: Listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004

Market capitalization: 40 billion USD

Address: Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi Avenue, Hi-techPark,Nanshan District,Shenzhen.

Contact information: Tel : +86-755-86013388  Fax : +86-755-86013399

User number: 568.6 million

User growth rate: 3.9%[3]

Revenue: 12.44 billion RMB in 2009[4]

Revenue growth rate: 79.3%

Venture Captial(VC investors of Tencent): MIH, IDG

Competitors: Sohu.com, Sina.com, taobao.com, 360

Tencent financial report:

2010 Tencent financial report

2009 Tencent financial report

2008 Tencent financial report

2007 Tencent financial report

2006 Tencent financial report

2005 Tencent financial report

2004 Tencent financial report

Relevant news stories

Tencent Vs Qihoo 360, the “3Q war”[5]

The dispute between Tencent and Qihoo 360 is the biggest news in Chinese internet industry for decades. 360 safeguard alleged QQ use “super black list” to scan users privacy, in return, QQ declared the users can’t use QQ and 360 safeguard on the same computer, users have to choose sides. With the intervene of Chinese government, both companies was requested to apologized to the public.

Tencent become the world’s third largest internet company

Tencent became the world’s third largest internet company, by market capitalization. According to the news[6], Tencent’s market cap has reached 231.843 billion HKD, approximately 30 billion USD. Tencent is the only Chinese tech company that made to the top 20 world tech companies list.

Computer world magazine fed up with Tencent[7]

The front cover on today’s China Computerworld (计算机世界) magazine issue certainly pulled no punches. Sensationally titled “‘Dog-F**king’ Tencent,” the feature story is critique of the Internet giant which produces the Tencent QQ web portal and massively popular chat service.

And that poor, scarf-wearing, puppy-eyed penguin bleeding profusely from knife wounds on the front cover? Why, who could that be but the adorable QQ mascot!

Written from the perspective of the Internet company’s competitors, the article rails against Tencent for its lack of creativity, imitating superior products in already established markets and eventually bullying out the competition.

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