Brief introduction

Zol.com is the leading IT portal website in China, with 5 million+ registered users, 6 million+ daily unique visits, 41 million daily page views, as they put it, “ZOL.com is affecting the decision-making of 6 million IT buyers everyday”.

Zol.com mainly provide information, news, ecommerce platform, resources, interview, blogs, forums and community about IT industry, which include PC, PC parts and accessories, hardware, software, electronics products, digital products, office product etc.

Name: ZOL

Company: CBS Interactive(CBSi is subcidiary of CBS Corporation)

Beijing Zhide Diankang Co.,Ltd.(北京智德典康电子商务有限公司[1])

Private or public: private

Address: 9F Building A Yinwang Center No. 113 Zhichun Road Haidian District Beijing P.R.C

Contact information: Tel: 010-82616677-8167 Fax: 010-62529275 Email: li.jing@zol.com.cn

User base: 5 million

Revenue: $20 million

Market share: 1.6%

User number Growth rate: 38%

Revenue growth rate: 58%

Competition: Sohu.com, sina.com and niche portal websites like pconline.com.cn, it168.com, pchome.net, pcpop.com, beareyes.com, zol.com.cn rank No.2 of major IT portal websites.[2]

Relevant news

News 1 Expansion

On March 25th 2009, The senior vice president of CBSi announced that Zol.com.cn plan to invest 100 million RMB on e-commerce platform in the next 3 years.[3]

News 2 Branding

Zol.com.cn paid more than 1 million RMB to buy back the top domain zol.com from overseas domain registrar. [4]

[1] According to the official statement on http://www.zol.com.cn/marketing/marketing_zol.html, zol.com.cn is According to http://www.zol.com.cn/marketing/marketing_zol.html and http://www.hd315.gov.cn/beian/view.asp?bianhao=010202001021500016, zol.com.cn is owned by CBSi, Beijing Zhide Diankang Co.,Ltd is dealing with the advertising matters on zol.com.cn.

[2] According to the statistics from http://www.chinarank.org.cn/competition/Info.do?url=www.zol.com.cn

[3] According to Sohu news at http://business.sohu.com/20090326/n263028235.shtml

[4] According to news.china-b.com/itdt/20090317/916946_1.html

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