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Brief introduction:

Qihoo 360 is founder in Sept 2005, it is a leading internet security software and internet service provider. It has raised about 40 million USD from VC like CDH investment, Sequoia Capital, Highland capital, Redpoint capital, Matrix and IDG. In 2007, Qihoo 360 launched its permanent antivirus software 360 safe, which instantly become a huge success, within 2 weeks, 360 safe make to top 5 security software ranking chart. Until now, Qihoo 360 safe is announced to have 250 million users and account for 70% market share.

Qihoo has also developed BBS search engine, which is based on Peoplerank algorism developed by Qihoo 360. Based on that, Qihoo Answer is the best intelligence sharing website in China.

Qihoo has cooperated with Kaspersky to release free anti-virus software, they have also worked with ESET NOD32 and Kingsoft on antivirus software.


Company: Qihoo 360

Private or public traded: private

Address: No.1 building Huitong times square No. 71 Jianguo road Chaoyang district Beijing

Contact information: Tel: 010-58781000  Fax:010-58781001

User base:250 million[1]

Revenue:4 million USD[2]

Market share: 70%[3]

User number growth rate: 500%[4]

Revenue growth rate:80%


The main competitors of qihoo 360 is Kingsoft, Rising, Jiangmin, Kaspersky

User deographics:

The biggest user group of Qihoo 360 are between 25 to 34 years old. Followed by users group between 18 to 34 years old, and 35 to 44 years old.

Qihoo 360 is popular among both educated and non-educated groups.

Male users are much bigger than female users.

Ranking on Alexa

Alexa traffic rank:24, Traffic rank in China: 4, which is No. 1 among all portal websites

Partnership, Acquisition and IPO News

Qihoo cooperates with Kaspersky to launch free anti-virus software[5]

The world’s leading anti-virus software builder Kaspersky Lab has selected China’s Qihoo.com as its strategic partner, and launched a free virus-killing product in the Chinese market for the first time.

The software developer bundled its personal-edition anti-virus software with Qihoo’s 360Safe, and then presented online for free download.

Internet users, who are using 360Safe software, are able to enjoy the free virus-killing service of KAV6.0 personal edition, which has come into the market for two weeks, some people familiar with the …

Qihoo 360 cooperates with Kingsoft[6] 

Chinese security software providers Kingsoft and Qihoo 360 have agreed to launch customized security services on each other’s platforms.

With the cooperation, Qihoo 360 will promote the Kingsoft Duba 360 customized edition to its 200 million users. Kingsoft Duba will then recommend the 360-Kingsoft customized security browser on its official website. The service fee of the customized Kingsoft Duba is CNY25 for six months and the two parties will share the income, but the profit-sharing ratio has not been released.

The corporation between the two companies has gained wide attention from the Chinese online security industry because the competition in China’s anti-virus software market is quite serious.

Qihoo 360 cooperate with NOD32[7]

In 2008, Qihoo 360 reached an agreement with Version 2 Ltd, a general agent of Slovakia anti-virus software – NOD32. Qihoo will work together with ESET NOD to provide anti-virus software.

Qihoo sued Rising for reputation infringement[8]

Qihoo announced that the company sued Chinese anti-virus company Rising and technology website Zol.com.cn for reputation infringement on August 25 and the case has been accepted by People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing.

According to the lawyer of Qihoo, the ICP corporate name of the official website of Rising has been changed to Beijing Yijin Yuhui Technology Investment Co., Ltd along with its business range, which was changed to investment management. Therefore, the defendant in this lawsuit is actually Yijin Yuhui.

Qihoo says in the indictment that as the competitor of Qihoo 360, Rising has been verbally attacking Qihoo 360 on various occasions and through various methods, especially after Qihoo 360’s announcement to launch a free anti-virus software, in a large amount of articles posted online. Qihoo says Rising not only recommended and spread these articles and rumors on its software interface, but also bought advertising space on some major websites and client software to put these articles in the form of advertising.

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[2] According to http://tech.163.com/09/0810/06/5GB8466S000915BF.html, in a news, even though the CEO of qihoo 360 refuse to disclose the exact income information, but he said Qihoo’s quarterly income is much higher than what journalist estimated – a few million Chinese Yuan.

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[9] according to china sourcing blog www.chinawhy.net

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