Brief introduction

Established in March 2004, the Redbaby is committed to provide the customers with convenient shopping experience and high quality and inexpensive products through product catalog and the Internet. Ever since it was founded, Redbaby has been enjoying a rapid pace of development and now it has become China’s largest B2C website for mother& children product, make-ups, food and other daily necessities. It dedicates itself to serve the consumers who are fashionable, forward-looking, independent, and focusing on quality of life. After six years of development, in addition to shopping websites, the company also opened 12 branches covering 16 provinces and cities by means of red DM catalog, call centers, special alliances and other channels to provide consumers with convenient and safe shopping service at anytime, anywhere.

With consumer’s demand as its orientation, the e-commerce as its platform, and the database-marketing as its features, the Redbaby currently has over 300 million consumers as its members.

Company: Redbaby.

Redbaby Founder: Xu Peixin , Resume

Redbaby official website:

Private or public traded: Pravite

Market capitalization(Market Cap): n/a

Address: No.1 Yuquanhuigu Building Qinghua Technical Garden, No.3 Minzhuang Road Haidian Zone Beijing City, China

Contact information: (+86)010-88496666

User number: 3 million[1]

User growth rate:260-300%[2]

Revenue: 2 billion RMB[3]

Revenue growth rate: 200%-300[4]

Venture Captial(VC investors of Tencent): NEA, KPCB, Northern light

Competitors:Vancl, 360buy, Dangdang, Joyo

Redbaby financial report: n/a

Relevant news stories

Duan, vice president of the redbaby is going to be the vice president of [5]

On March 27, Xu Peixin (microblogging), redbaby’s CEO revealed through his Sina Micro Bolg that Duan Dong, vice president of the Redbaby was considering leaving his post due to professional concerns.. Xu Peixin said, “In the more than two years when we worked together, I had learned a lot from him. Our discussions have always been open and frank. With him gone, I lost a good teacher and a helpful friend. During the transformation of our company, he is my chief of staff, and at the same time, he is the enforcer of our strategy. He had left a deep imprint on the Redbaby’s history. We are friends forever!”


Redbaby Joined Hands with Korea Trade Organization[6], a women’s shopping website under the brand of Redbaby, had recently opened a “Korean House”, which was jointly launched by The Redbaby and the Korea Trade Organization and offered a great variety of authentic products of Korean’s famous products. According to the Redbaby, the formal supply channel has effectively guaranteed the quality and safety of products, which, plus a variety of marketing approaches and online and offline customer service offered by, will ease the customers’ worry about the source and prices of the products.

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