Brief introduction was founded in 1999 by three Stanford classmates, Joseph Chen, Yunfan Zhou and Nick Yang. Investors in include Goldman Sachs, KKR and Joho Capital.

ChinaRen is the largest online alumni club in China with over 77 million registered users. As in other Asian societies, Chinese people hold strong ties of friendship and loyalty with their fellow alumni, who form the basis of their relationship networks for their career development. ChinaRen has created the critical mass and user loyalty to the ChinaRen alumni community that are key to its lasting recognition as the leading Alumni Club among the Internet user population in China.


Company: Inc

Private or public: Listed at NASDAQ (market cap: 2.60 billion USD[1])

Address: Internet Plaza,
No.1 Park, Zhongguancun East Road,
Haidian District,
Beijing 100084, PRC

Contact information: 8610 – 6272 6666

User base: 77 million

Revenue: $429.1 million[2]

Market share: 20

User number growth rate: 30%

Revenue growth rate: 26%


Relevant news announces closing, management changes[3]

BEIJING, CHINA, October 31, 2000 – Chinese Internet portal (Nasdaq: SOHU) today announced the closing of its acquisition of the leading youth community web site

[1] According to

[2] According to 2008 annual financial report data at

[3] According to

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