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VANCL was founded by Chen Nian, the original founder of The VANCL Chengpin (Beijing) Technology Ltd. was responsible for its operation and the main operators are original Joyo team. The designs of Vancl’s products are made by the famous designer from Europe and America, which have integrated essence of all the top brand of men’s clothing. At the same time, it also makes reference to the Asian men’s body features, selecting high-quality fabric and tailor made all the products, and allowing users to enjoy excellent products with a medium price, so as to promote its ideal of simplicity, profundity, coziness, and environment awareness.

Company: Vancl

Vancl Founder: Chen Nian(Resume)

Tencent official website:

Private or public traded: Private

Private or public traded (Market Cap): n/a

Address: A Block Lecheng Center 9 FL, No.20 Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City   100022

Contact information: 0086-10-57695079 (Beijing)

Email address:

Registered User number:  10 million[1]

User growth rate:20%[2]

Revenue: 600 million USD[3]

Revenue growth rate: 300%[4]

Venture Captial(VC investors of Vancal): IDGVC、Ceyuan Ventures、SAIF Partners、Qiming Venture Partners


Vancl financial report: n/a

Vancl Beated Lvmh Group to Become the Second Popular Employer among College Graduates in China[5]

Hosted by ChinaHR .com, the awarding ceremony for “9th Best Employer of College Graduates in China” was held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. From this report one could see that the popularity of State-owned enterprises is declining. has found that in this report, has surpassed grand brands like LVHM Group and Adidas to become the runner –up in the top ten employers of consumer durables – light industry for textiles and clothing, second only to NIKE.

Vancl Chengpin (Beijing) Technology Ltd. Prepares to Go Public[6]

 “Going public is not our priority. What matters to us now is to expand our business scale.” said Chen Nianru, head of Vancl Chengpin not long ago. However, yesterday there has been an overwhelming amount of news reporting that Vancl had decided to go public on the IPO to America by the end of this year, with a financing scale of $1 billion. It is reported that at present Vancl is looking for underwriters. This is at least one year earlier than the previous plan of going public by the end of 2012 or at the beginning of 2013.

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