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xunlei download managerBrief introduction

Xunlei is a Download Manager developed by Xunlei corporation. With its so-called P2SP technology, (which is just another peer-assisted technology) and its surprising capability to speed up downloading, Xunlei grew rapidly.

As a corporation, Xunlei is a promising phenomenon in China like Tencent. It started from adware and now has dominant power in data transfer markets. Xunle’s flagship products, Xunlei download manager and Xunlei Kankan, armed with P2SP, have greater popularity than all competitors. Xunlei’s underlying data transfer engine, P2SP, can be seen as a new structure and technology innovation. As a self-growing network, Xunlei’s P2SP network is strengthening and being strengthened by Xunlei’s growing users.

Name: Xunlei

Company: Shenzhen Xunlei Technology Co., Ltd

Private or public traded: Private

Address: Shenzhen China

Contact information: Tel: 0755-26035888-8410 Email: ben@xunlei.com

User base: 120 million[1]

Revenue: $58 million[2]

Market share: 80%(download software market)

Growth rate: 50%

Competition: Flashget.

Investment history

In 2004, IDG invested in Sandai.

In May 2005, Sandai changed its name to Xunlei.

In 2006, Morningside Ventures invested in Xunlei.

In January 2007, Xunlei received third round funding led by Ceyuan Ventures with participation from Morningside, IDG, Fidelity Asia. Google was a strategic investor.

Xunlei postpones IPO plan[3]

Mr. Luo Weimin, CEO of Xunlei corporate, announced the postponement of their IPO plans to 2010, due to the global recession. 

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[2] According to news on QQ http://tech.qq.com/a/20090805/000073.htm

[3] http://www.ppcn.net/n5031c6.aspx

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