ChinaJoy 2011 Roundup: it is a show

The ninth ChinaJoy was closed on July 31, 2011 in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center.

Like other famous international digital entertainment showcases, ChinaJoy is also a huge event inside the industry. In these years, the scale of ChinaJoy has kept expanding, and has attracted exhibitors from all over the world. Because China’s actual situation is a little different, ChinaJoy focused more on digital games, yet there were also a large amount of latest digital technology and hardware products appeared. Of course, in recent years, the most attractive things are not products but girls on the exhibition stands.

Game Feast

According to official data, almost 300 famous game enterprises from home and abroad such as China, USA, Russia, Japan and Germany have attended the exhibition, along with over 500 game products covering online games, PC games, TV games, mobile games, street games and handheld games.

All national game enterprises showed their main products. Tencent brought Chinese style online game “DJ2”; Shanda exhibited its represented sequel Final Fantasy XIV; Red5 who came to ChinaJoy for the first time not only brought a foreign team speaking fluent Chinese, but also took alone with them their great work Fireball; famous for its World of Warcraft, NetEase this time tactfully displayed its self innovated online game TianXia 3; the game Transformers went in sight of public as the movie The Transformers III receiving a warm welcome. Hasbro even brought a Bumblebee as tall as 7 meters, which became one of the highlights in the hall. In addition, other games like C9 and Arche Age were also very popular. 9yin even show their game active coding in the show, which as players believed was going too far.

The PC game Chinese Paladin V seems a little unique in today’s world of online games, but the father of Chinese Paladin Mr Yao’s coming to sign for sales also caused a sensation in the site. Though this new product got both praise and censure, the name, Chinese Paladin was always reverberated like thunder in these 16 years.

Technology Pioneer

Besides new games, new technologies and new hardware are also displaying items that exhibitors focus on. Display card leading brand NVIDIA, together with national game producers, demonstrated necessary hardware for high-tech PC games such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX series products and NVIDIA 3D vision technology. under SOHU stirred a wave of 3D game technology with the 3D game QQSM that developed on the basis of Crysis Engine. Even Android could not resist the beauty of 3D. The Galaxy Frontier jointly promoted by The9 Limited and Japan Eitarosoft will become the first 3D action role play online game run on Android system.

Technologies are of course not limited to games. The Aliyun mobile of Taobao also appeared in the exhibition. It is claimed to launch the limited edition globally at the same time with the price of 2680 yuan. This kind of mobile was said to surpass the existing smart mobile and would become a real Internet Mobile.

Beauty Everywhere

Every year, there would be some anecdotes happened in ChinaJoy such as “nose bleeding man” or flirting events. All these were more or less related with show girls at booths. In recent years, some net friends even regarded show girls as same as ChinaJoy. Therefore all manufacturers were making full use of hot girls to promote their products. This situation went to a peak last year. Even some nice looking girls were washed out during elections because their cup sizes are not big enough, as told in interviews. Indeed, people who have been to last year’s showcase would definitely remember that a manufacturer even stuck printed logos over show girls’ breasts, which surely created a sensation among male audience. But as Ministry of Culture’s (MOC) issuing policies of Enhancing Management of Online Game Market Promotion and Restraining Vulgar Marketing Behaviors this year, manufacturers chose to be reserved in the design of show girls’ costumes. Of course, according to audience reaction, reserved style seems also popular. Meanwhile, the quantity of show girls seems to be on a higher level.

Of course, MOC could not cool down players and audiences’’ enthusiasms toward show girls. In a network media on ChinaJoy subject there was a top ten clicking ranking list in which 7 were about show girls. The most attractive anecdotes were about show girls, the fieriest gossip were any show girls accidentally showed their underwear, and the most popular voting was “election for most beautiful show girls”, etc. But the fact that many girls in the voting were labeled as ShowGirl was pretty ludicrous.

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