30% Chinese office workers have opened internet stores

With the rapid development of ecommerce, Opening online store has become a popular way for Chinese office worker to earn extra money.

Chinese leading job website zhaopin.com conducted a special survey to research how many office workers have ever opened internet stores, which has attracted 4000+ respondents within 2 weeks’ time.

According to the survey, 30% Chinese office workers have ever opened online store, 80% Chinese office workers have online shopping experience.

Noticeably, 50% of the online stores have been closed. However, among those who have never opened an internet store, 57% plans to open internet stores. Only 8.7% respondents said they have never thought of opening an internet store.

For the motivation of opening online stores, 56.2% users choose making money, 17.7% people think it is fun, 8.5% use opening online stores to kill time.

Apparel is most hot products people choose to sell online, almost 40% online stores sell apparel. Followed by virtual products and cosmetics products.

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