360buy.com Partly Integrated with the Qianxun.com, Apparel Sellers Can Do Business at Both the Two Websites

One year and a half ago,360buy purchased Qianxun.com, the apparel B2C website of South Korea’s SK Telecom. But since then no more was heard of about the Qianxun.com until the website launched a theme promotion today, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, i.e. the Chinese Valentine’s day. This promotion is jointly launched by Qianxun.com and 360buy.com, making it possible for the clothing and shoes sellers on the 360buy’s open platform to sell their goods on 360buy and Qianxun.com simultaneously.

Today Qianxun.com puts forth a promotion campaign in six categories including underwear, shoes, T-shirts, and handbags, under the theme of the “ Chinese Valentine’s Day” . Qianxun.com has rarely had such a large promotional activity. Since its acquisition by 360.com, the outside world had heard so little of the Qianxun.com that they almost forget all about it.

Clicking open the “special feature of brand handbags” on Qianxun.com’s Homepage,   people can see that the domain name will jump to the secondary category of 360buy.com, and the webpage of Qianxun has been connected with that of 360buy.com. there has been report concerning the in-depth integration of 360buy.com and Qianxun.com, saying that the clothing and shoes sellers on the 360buy’s open platform has already been able to sell their goods on 360buy and Qianxun.com at the same time.

Previously being an apparel B2C website invested by South Korea’s SK Telecom, the Qianxun.com was purchased by 360buy in March, 2010. And the revised Qianxun.com did not come back online until April 19, 2011. Currently there were a total of over 200,000 kinds of goods on sale at the Qianxun .com, most of which are fashionable goods like clothes and footware.

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