360buy Invest 4 Billion Yuan on Cloud Computing Center Project

Morning news in December 12, 360 Buy announced today that they have signed the Investment Framework Agreement of the Cloud Computing Center Project with Bayannao’er, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Suqian, Jiangsu Province. The total investment is up to 4 billion Yuan.

It is reported that the cloud computing data center built by 360 Buy in Bayannao’er is of huge scale and the planned total investment is up to 2 billion Yuan. The Project A is planned to build 4 cloud computing data centers which can admit 100,000 servers. It can achieve memory power of 130,000 TB and computing power of 240,000 GB, and 50,000 servers are obligated as subsequent upgrades reserves.

360 Buy and the People’s Government of Suqian, Jiangsu Province identified cooperative intentions recently. They planned to invest 2 billion Yuan to built cloud computing center in the next five years. After the construction, this center will respond to the cloud computing center in Bayannao’er and form a set of north-south cloud computing centers.

360 Buy introduced that cloud computing can solve the problems about data processing, resource allocation and Logistics bottlenecks in the company. And it can also achieve the stability and optimization of the system, for 360 Buy has experienced huge flow-rate test in 618 Shop-establishment Celebration, Desert Storm and other promotional activities which led to a part-time access failure

In addition, 360 Buy revealed that they will open the cloud computing service, which is called “public’s cloud”, to the public in the future.

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