Jou Jie of Lang Tao Jin Hopes Revenue over 100 Million in 2011

Dangdang and 360buy’s declarations of stop of payment for Baidu’s key words showed a desire of cutting down cost of online marketing. In fact, not just e-commerce websites, many enterprises are also seeking for the maximum result of online marketing. Undoubtedly, the age of performance marketing comes!

Under this trend, the precision marketing platform Lang Tao Jin has received a financing of tens of millions of US dollars from Matrix Partner early this year. Lang Tao Jin’s CEO, Zhou Jie told CNET, “We are hoping revenue of over 100 million this year.”

According to data from “Report on Development of China Search Engine Industry in 2009 and 2010” issued by iResearch, the market scale of China’s search engine industry has unprecedentedly reached 10.98 billion RMB, a 58% increase from 6.99 billion of 2009. iResearch Consult believes that China’s search engine market growing so fast could attribute to the recovery of economy as well as the increasing of expectations of small and media-sized enterprises on Internet marketing.

With such large amount of market demands, the demands of small and media-sized enterprises for marketing results are easy to see. Zhou Jie said, “Actually, enterprises don’t care where the market comes from. It’s OK as long as there is market. We have changed the investment proportion of many enterprises.”

The change of enterprises has a lot to do with Payment upon Adverting Results (cost per customer call) launched by Lang Tao Jin. This new mode threw over the conventional way of payment and reduced the adverting investment risks to the minimum.

In addition, Zhou Jie revealed that Lang Tao Jin is now expanding e-commerce market. “E-commerce customers account for 20%-30% of total number presently. In next 2 to 3 years, e-commerce customer will become a leading force in the whole Internet adverting industry. Therefore, Lang Tao Jin’s goal of 2011 is to explore more customers from e-commerce sector.”

At the same time when Lang Tao Jin is exploring new customers, its old customers seldom lose. Zhou Jie claims, “Payment renewal of Lang Tao Jin’s customers is basically the highest in the online marketing industry, approaching 90%.”

“Internet Performance Marketing is an industry of hundreds of billions. It’s good enough if we could take just a share of it.” Zhou Jie said.

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