Tencent Makes a 50 Million Yuan Investment on mamacn.com

Reporter had learned yesterday that Tencent has made a 50 million yuan investment on mamacn.com, a parenting community website. This investment constitutes the first round of financing of mamacn.com, which will be mainly used in expanding its staff team, exploring lives in cities around china, as well as improving the technology so as to help with the website’s successful transition into a comprehensive e-commerce site that covers a great range of urban living consumption aspects including real estate, home improvement and decoration, and automobile industry. This investment is Tencent’s another move carried out in the E-commerce industry.

It is said that mamacn.com is an urban website group which takes community as its major form. Its 32 websites cover all the major capital cities and key cities in China. Therefore, it can be rated as China’s most popular women’s community website. As estimated by Zhoujie, the CEO and founder of Laotaojin Company, the year 2011 will witness the emergence of a large number of new e-commerce companies. Driven by the capital flow, the e-commerce will show an explosive growth. Over the recent period Tencent has invested repeatedly in the relating fields, which shows both Tencent’s interests and its confidence in E-commerce market.

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