Vancl and Letao Strive to Explore New Marketing Strategy at Chinajoy

July, 29th, report has it that ChinaJoy, bringing with it a widevariety of games and a great host of charming showgirl, has made its debut in Shanghai. Among many exhibitors, Vancl, with its transformer exhibition and Letao, with its 1001- pairs of shoes-giveaway, have enjoyed high favor among the users.

At the entrance of the exhibition hall stands the transformer made by Vancl with its packing boxes. For visitors who pose for a photo with the transformer and post a micro blog about it, they will get a Vancl 3-year-anniversary commemorative shirt.

While Letao, with its 1001 pairs of shoes and gorgeous show girl, has organized many giveaway of shoes. It is reported that the major task for Letao this time is to promote related products co-designed by Letao and some game companies, such as angrybird shoes series and Ninja Fruit shoes shoe series. At the same time, it is also said that Letao will also cooperate with “plants VS zombies”, a world-famous game, to make shoes of this series.

“To participate in chinajoy goes in line with the Letao’s entertainment-oriented marketing direction. And as the result turns out, the user’s enthusiasm is far beyond our expectation.” Said Chen Hu, vice president of

Meanwhile, Letao had jointly held a press conference with Rovio, the developer of the game “angrybird” to brief the users of its cooperation process with Rovio. According to Bi Sheng, CEO of Letao, Letao will make product placement in the game angrybird.

Through participating in the exhibition, Vancl and Letao make their marketing and sales by cooperating with game companies or promoting game periphery products, which is unprecedented in the history of B2C marketing. The appearance of these two B2C companies in this year’s Chinajoy in Shanghai has unquestionably initiated inter-industry marketing and collaborative product development. In the days to come, perhaps Chinajoy will become a new area of strategic importance for China’s B2C websites.

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