Giant Interactive Group Inc.

Brief introduction

Established on November 18, 2004, Shanghai Giant Interactive Group Inc. (formerly known as Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive interactive entertainment company that integrated R & D, operations, sales all at the same time, with online game as its starting point. The company boasts abundant capital potentiality, strong R & D and operational capacity, superb technical support, personalized customer service and strong sales capability. On November 1, 2007 R & D, operations, sales launched itself successfully on the New York Stock Exchange and became one the largest Chinese private enterprises that have ever issued on the U.S. capital market. Meanwhile it is also the largest foreign IT companies that has ever issued

Company: Giant Interactive Group Inc.

Giant Founder: Shi Yuzhu(Resume)

Giant official website:

Private or public traded: Public

Market capitalization(Market Cap): USD 1.68 billion[1]

Address: 3rd Building, 700 Yishan Road,Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Contact information: Tel: 86-21-3397-9959 (Shanghai)

Email address:

Registered User number: 100 million[2]

User growth rate: 27 %[3]

Revenue: 313.8 million RMB[4]

Revenue growth rate: 5.7%[5]

Venture Captial (VC investors of Giant):


Giant financial report:

Relevant news stories

Shi Yuzhu Suspended the Increase of His Shareholding in Minsheng Bank Due to Policy Constraint

Shi Yuzhu, Director of Minsheng Bank(01988) and Chairman of the Giant Group posted on his micro blog that constrained by relevant policies, recently the increasing of his shareholding in Minsheng Bank will be suspended. Not long ago He had just begun to increase his shareholding in Minsheng Bank as a long-term strategic investment, with his interests concentrates on the Bank’s performance in the 3 or 5 years to come. Shi Yuzhu noted that in China, according to the relevant regulation, within one month before the listed company released the semi-annual report, as a member of the board, he cannot trade the share of the Minsheng Bank. But he never made it clear that whether SHANGHAI GIANT LIFETECH CO., LTD., the Giant Group’s subsidiary, will increase its shareholding of Minsheng Bank after Minsheng released its semi-annual financial reports on August, 17th.

At present Minsheng’s share held by SHANGHAI GIANT LIFETECH CO., LTD. has increased from 110 million shares to 800 million shares. Shi Yuzhu has said that to increase the shareholding of Minsheng is not a speculative move but a long-term strategic investment. And they do not care about the share price in the first 3 years. What they interest in are the PE and PB of the Minsheng Bank in the 3 or 5 years to come.

The Final Internal Beta of “Journey II” Has Been Launched, and the Final Version Will Be Issued In September

On August 4, the Giant Interactive Group confirmed that the ultimate internal beta version of the online game “Journey II” will be launched on August 5, and the official beta will be issued in September. At present the Game have a constant group of 300 thousand users and the official beta’s aim is to expand the number of users to 400 thousand. According to the “Journey II” project team, in the 118 days’ of internal beta, they had invited altogether 2,488,978 players to engage in the game, of whom 2,332, 663 have made favorable comment on the game. And they altogether had collected 1165 piece of effective advices, updated 39 versions, modified 109 games BUG, and added 51 new functions to the game.

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