Kingsoft, Baidu, Keniu and Maxthon appeal to boycott 360

On November 5th, 2010, 4 renowned internet companies Kingsoft, Baidu, Keniu and Maxthon held a joint media conference, appealed to their users to boycott 360 safeguard software. Softwares developed by the 4 companies will become incompatible with Qihoo anti-virus software, internet users have to choose sides. The battle between Tencent and Qihoo 360, China’s biggest Internet service providers, is intensifying.

According to the report, Sogou was supposed to attend the joint media conference, however, due to some reason, Sogou didn’t attend the conference. These 4 companies announced that their products won’t be compatible with 360 safegurad, but they didn’t disclose any plan and time table to implement the boycott. Until 5 pm November 5th, users can still use Baidu search engine, Kingsoft WPS together with 360 safeguard.

On November 3, Tencent QQ announce the incompatibility with 360, users have to choose either QQ products or Qihoo 360 software. Prior to that, 360 accused Tencent of  scanning users’computer disks and disclosing their privacy illegally. Besides, Qihoo 360 released a software called privacy protector, to monitor QQ scan and uninstall QQ plugin.

Companies like Kingsoft, Baidu, Keniu and Maxthon allege 360 of unfair business practices, PC users can use 360 to uninstall the software and plugin of other companies. They accuse 360 of cheating and kidnapping users, and expressed to fight against 360 till the end.

The 4 companies use the medium conference to support Tencent, they think 360 is not qualified to judge whether QQ is scanning users privacy. Furthermore, they list 8 lies of Qihoo 360 companies, including “360 is the most secure anti-virus software”, “cloud antivirus” and “protection user privacy”.

Tencent has 1 billion registered users, 360 has 350 million users, it is believed more than 100 million internet users are affected by the catfight between Tencent and 360. Chinese authority including Ministry of industry and information technology and ministry of public security have intervened with the fight. There are rumors that Tencent and 360 have reached a resolution, as starting from November 4th night, both QQ and 360 antivirus software can be installed and run in the same computer.

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