China online game market surpass 60 billion in 2011

As an important part of China’s newly-emerged industry in 21st century and digital publishing industry, the online game publishing has experienced 5 years of rapid but steady growth and has formed a daily perfected industrial chain and a relatively mature developing environment.

In 2010, the actual sales income of China’s online game market is 32.37 billion RMB, up by 26.3% since 2009. It helped increase the output value of relevant industries such as telecommunication, IT and media advertising up to 63.12 billion RMB.

Online game industry plays a very important role in promoting its peripheral industries including telecommunication broadband access, PC software and hardware, server and bandwidth, cyber bar, game doll and derivatives, games media, etc. Statistics show that every one yuan earned by online game industry will have a direct contribution of over 5 yuan to telecommunication industry (including broadband access, server managing, etc), over 2 yuan to IT soft/hardware, and over 1 yuan to game related media, publishing and peripheral products. It means that the contributing proportion of online games to related industries is around 1:8.

Regional distribution of China’s online game enterprises
Presently, China’s online game companies are gathered mainly in Shanghai and Beijing, accounted for more than 80% of total companies. Other cities include Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Shenzhen also collect some companies. While Shanghai accumulates about 60% of total income and market value.

In 2010, the number of China’s online game players has reached 75.983 million, up by 15.3% than 2009. Among which, 43.006 million are subscribers, increased by 15.8% since 2009. The number of independently developed national online games has exceed 356 in 2010, witnessed a 35 more than last year. The actual sales income is 19.3 billion yuan, accounted for 59.6% of total income of China’s online game market. The number of online game R&D staff has reached 30533, a 9.44% increase from 2009. In 2010, the operating revenue of China’s mobile phone game market has increased by 42% and reached to 910 million yuan RMB. 82 self-developed online game products from 34 Chinese enterprises entered the markets of over 40 oversea countries and regions, and obtained 230 million US dollars sales income, an increase of 111% from 2009.

Currently, 12 online game enterprises in China have been listed overseas, which occupied the largest proportion among China’s listed companies in Internet economy. China’s online game market will undoubtedly surpass the 60-billion mark in the actual annual sales income, and continue to lead China’s Internet publishing industry to further development.

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