Giant’s ZT2 peak concurrent user Tops 300,000

On April 29th, Giant Interactive declared the peak concurrent users of its new flagship game ZT Online2 tops to 300,000. Giant expressed that it means their innovative Third Generation in-game economy has passed the initial test.

As insiders disclosed, ZT Online 2’s target set by Mr Yuzhu Shi, CEO of Giant, is that bottom line is 200,000 PCU, pass test with PCU 300,000, to make dog bite game designer if PCU not reach 400,000, if surpass 600,000, he will resign from Giant to give its young teams more developing opportunities.

Mr Yuzhu Shi once expressed that the number 300,000 is very significant for an online game because when the PCU pass 300,000, the interaction between players will be intense, and also, it means there will be 2-3 players in most of internet cafes in China are playing this game. Driven by word-of-mouth effect, the game will form an ability of self-growth. However, there is no specific data to support this opinion.

Days ago, the designer of ZT Online 2, Xuefeng Ji also disclosed the news of the game surpassing 300,000 PCU in his microblog. “Many people asked me about the goal of ZT 2. In fact, I never make ambitious goals, but to refine the target into 100,000 more once a time. Now my goal is 400,000 because the current peak concurrent users are over 300,000.” Mr Ji said.

Xuefeng Ji also expressed his confidence in present game mode in his microblog, “many online game producers want to apply the transaction-based in-game economy which is fairer for non-paying users, but they are afraid of losing money. Our profit from ZT 2 has already occupied a relatively significant proportion, so we won’t lose money. In fact, what cheers me most is that as the users increasing continually, the number of non-paying users accounts for a steady proportion, which is very important for us.”

Giant claims that ZT2 is not only one of their most important products in 2011, but also a product draws most attention from their CEO Yuzhu Shi. With 400 talented developers involving in the project for 3 years, ZT Online 2 is a 2D martial art role play online game applying the Third Generation in-game economy.

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