Shanda Become The Operator of Trinity 2

As the latest news told, Shanda Game will be the agent of Trinity 2, an online game under Korean NHN. According to the agreement, Shanda will, thereafter, in charge of the operation of Trinity 2, a 3D side-scrolling online game owned by NHN and developed by Studio Hon, around mainland of China.

Trinity 2 is a direct sequel to its last generation Trinity OL. As early as 2009, Shanghai has acquired Trinity OL’s operation license around mainland, yet never started the operation up till now. And Shanda’s operation of Trinity 2 indicates that may have ended the agreement with NHN.

Trinity 2 is a MMORPG set in a virtual world where human beings and AI beings are in confrontation with each other. With fresh and charm scenes, breathtaking attacks, brilliant role skills and various fighting actions, Trinity 2 wins close attention from players.

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