The9 Gets the Exclusive Rights of Photon Online Game Search Engine in Mainland China

The9 Computer Technology Consulting(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd and Exit Games today announced jointly that from now on The9 will get the exclusive rights in mainland China of Photon search engine developed by the Exit Games.

Exit Games is an international leading multi-platform network game engine supplier. Its high-performance Photon engine, through adopting the SDK approach, has provided the best solution for multiplayer game developers to develop real-time multiplayer applications. The engine now has support Unity, iOS, Android, Flash and HTML5 and other platforms, enabling developers to effortlessly carry out real-time multiplayer functions in games and applications of browsers, PC, Mac or mobile device including the iPad, iPhone and Android. Currently many game companies, including OpenFeint, Bigpoint, Walt Disney, KONAMI, etc., are all users of Exit Games’ products.

Shen Guoding, vice president of The9, said that Photon enables game developers to operate with minimal servers when building powerful and scalable online games on multiple platforms. The9 hope that by providing the domestic developers with the worlds’ most advanced and practical technology tools, it can make it possible for the developers to show their ideas on different platforms, so as to make profit out of it. And The9 are looking forward to carrying out a win-win cooperation with its developers.

Chrisof Wegmann, CTO and founder of the Exit Games, said, “We are very pleased to cooperate with online game leader the9. For us as well as online game developers around the world, Market in China is a place full of opportunities. Therefore, the cooperation with the9 will provide great opportunities for us to tap into this market. We believe that the9’s highly specialized market knowledge and its developer community will be most helpful for Photon engine to root itself in China’s online game industry.”

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