Baidu and Research Institutions in Singapore Set up a Joint Laboratory

On February 23, 2012, Baidu announced that it has established cooperation with the Information and Telecommunications Research Institute (I2R)of the Singapore Science and Technology Research Council. The two sides will set up a joint laboratory in Singapore and carry out joint R&D on underlying network technology such as natural language processing for the Southeast Asian languages.

This move is also seen as an important step to enter the Southeast Asian market and promote the international development strategy, following its recent establishment of an international headquarters in Shenzhen.

The newly established laboratory is named as “Baidu – Singapore Joint Laboratory of Institute of Information and Communications (Baidu-I2R Research Centre, also referred to as the BIRC). Under the agreement, the BIRC joint laboratory will explore the basis of cutting-edge technology in this field, including the development of language resources in Southeast Asia, natural language processing, information retrieval and information extraction, the voice information processing and multimedia processing.

It is understood that the primary research and development tasks of the joint laboratory is the study of natural language processing for the Southeast Asian languages, so as to help the customers to get accurate results through Baidu box calculation after the user typed the information with their mother tongue. In the initial stages of the BIRC research, direction will focus on the Vietnamese and Thai, so as to enhance the user’s search experience in Southeast Asia. This is one key step to enter the Southeast Asian market, and promote their international development strategy to a higher level.

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