Baidu Box Computing – Everything is a box

Robin Li, CEO of, announce that Baidu will release a new search concept “Box computing” in Baidu innovation conference held earlier this month. Market analysts give Baidu high credit for technical innovation, but there are different voices saying that Baidu box computing is only copycat of Google cloud computing.

According to Li, “box computing” is a simple and reliable interactive mode for Internet services. In coming days, you could find simply a box at the interface of your personal computer or any terminals. Input what you want to do, and then it responds,”

For instance, a man who seeks to find a date through the online dating service would only have to type in keywords “single girl” in the box, and the search engine find out what he really wants instead of just text Web pages containing the keywords.

Under this concept, all Internet-based application demands will be directly satisfied by this “box” in the future. For example, people could only search for web pages via in the past. Currently, people can use various applications on, including dictionary, calculator, calendar, map, and train time query. In the future, the company will be able to provide other applications such as video, anti-virus, game, shopping, and financial management through its search box.

In addition, Robin Li, chief technology officer of, introduced the five major products under the “box computing” concept, including the Alading platform, the new-generation Baidu map search engine, Baidu Baike, “palm Baidu”, and Phoenix Nest. Li said will soon release the “palm Baidu” product and to transfer’s “box computing” from the traditional Internet to wireless terminals.

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