Baidu to Invest 2 billion in Shenzhen for R&D Center

News from Shenzhen Economic Daily, the “China Tour 2011” Baidu marketing activities opened in Shenzheng yesterday. Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen city, Mr. Yuan Baocheng attended the event.

As latest data from China Network Information Center shows, the number of China’s Internet users is increasing rapidly and has reached 457 million by December last year becoming the first in terms of scale all over the world. It is expected that the number will reach 750 million in 2015. According to data from iResearch, Baidu ranks the first in Chinese searching engine with 83.6% market share. The second is Google with only 11.6% market share.

Yuan Baocheng expressed that there are more than 360 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen accounting for 99% of total enterprises. Shenzhen government attaches great importance in the development of Internet industry. The establishment of Baidu’s headquarters under cooperation with Shenzhen government will bring a win-win result to both enterprises of small and medium size in Shenzhen and Baidu in its own development.

It is reported that according to the development plan, Baidu will invest about 2 billion yuan in Shenzheng to build an International headquarters, a South China headquarters and a research and development center in Nanshan High-tech District of Shenzhen. It planed to focus mainly on the R&D center to start its strategic project of Internet Operating System, which, till now, is the largest for Baidu in the aspect of scale and fund invested.

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