SNS Site Lose 65% Users

News from Hexun Technology on August 3, as data from Alexa showed, the number of users of has fallen by 65%, and the trend of also showed a waving declining. Regarding such trend, Dong Xu from expressed that currently, SNS websites are troubled by both internal problems and external impacts, thus facing difficulties in development.

SNS facing development difficulty inside the industry

“Depending on some entertaining applications and socializing games such as Selling Friends, Scrambling Parking Place and Happy Farm, SNS websites have won their users initially. But as those games being no longer as attractive as before, a lot of users started to leave.” Dong Xu said to Hexun Technology.

Last July, the two SNS websites and announced to stop operations, which, as insiders claimed at that time, is an epitome of the whole industry. UUzone has been closed as early as 2007. Other small and medium SNS websites such as,, and are also struggling to survive.

Dong Xu expressed, Kaixin001 starts its way from application games. It failed to further fasten relationships among users, only staying on the surface of games. When users began to feel tired, they would turn to some new Internet forms such as microweb.

The users of were targeted as white collars. As time goes on, these white collars did become their loyal funs. But it also means a harder acquiring of new users, Dong Xu said, meanwhile, paid much attention to qualities of every single application, causing relatively long R&D period, which is also one of the reasons of losing users.

Then Entering of Internet Giant Intensified Market Competition

Recently, an SNS websites under Tencent, v3.0 was officially launched. As the entering of Internet giant, domestic SNS websites are now facing a more harsh and severe competition, for Tencent owning a huge user basis of as much as 670 million., soon after the launching, promoted a second-hand goods trading platform, on which trading information comes from users first and second level friends, i.e. users’ friends and friends of their friends.

Although stared late, its number of users and active users both exceeded and in its first 3 months’ launching as data from iResearch showed. It could not be denied that users of and have been eaten away seriously. stays relatively stable among other SNS websites, but still in the stage of net loss. After being listed in America, its price kept falling. On July 29, American time, closed at a price of 10.83 dollars, much lower than the IPO of 14 dollars.

“Now, SNS websites such as should not simply stick to a single SNS service but to expand to an integrated service so as to obtain the possibility of breaking through.” Dong Xu from Eguan analyzed.

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