The 24th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China released

CNNIC The 24th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (Report) published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on July 16 shows that by June 30, 2009, China had remained ahead in three indicators-number of Internet users (338 million), number of broadband users (320 million) and registration volume of top-level domain names (12.96 million), with the popularization rate of the Internet rising steadily. Affected by the launch of 3G business, the number of mobile Internet users has also reached 155 million, accounting for 46% of all Internet users and surging by 32.1% within six months.

Internet scale remains ahead, popularization rate rises steadily
The Report shows that the number of Chinese Internet users and that of broadband users have soared to the first place in the world. By late June 2009, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 338 million, up 13.4% from late 2008 and increasing by 40 million within six months; while the number of broadband users had hit 320 million, accounting for 94.3% of all Internet users and up 3.7% from late 2008.
In line with the sustained increase in the number of Internet users, the popularization rate of the Internet has been rising steadily in China. Data shows that the popularization rate of the Internet in China had reached 25.5% and increased steadily by late June 2009.

Mobile Internet users up 30% within 6 months, 3G market flexible
Data shows that by June 2009, the number of mobile Internet users had reached 155 million, up 32.1% within six months, showing a fast-growing momentum. The further increase in the penetration of mobile phones into the rural areas also boosted the proportion of mobile access by the group.
According to the survey, 28% of the mobile Internet users said they would access the Internet by 3G mobile phone, and 39.6% were not certain whether they would or not. However, 14.8% of the users that have not accessed the Internet by mobile phone said they would probably access the Internet by mobile phone in the coming six months, and 49% said they would use 3G mobile phone to access the Internet. This also shows that the future 3G market will be highly flexible and calls for operators’ vigorous development.

Entertainment application grows steadily, commercial application rises against crisis
CNNIC’s Report shows that the proportion of Chinese Internet users accessing the Internet for entertainment, information and networking purposes was high. Except for forum/BBS, the popularization rate of the three Internet applications in Internet users was all over 50%. Internet entertainment application tended towards stability after long-term fast growth. Online music application remained ahead with an increase of 1.8% within six months in use rate; the number of online video users surged by 10% within six months with a decrease of 1.9% in use rate.
The number of users shopping online rose to 87.88 million against the economic crisis, an increase of nearly 14 million within six months, while the use of online payment increased by 4.8%. However, the level of transaction applications remained low and relatively behind.

Importance of Internet information security rises, credible Internet becomes future trend
CNNIC’s Report pointed out that 195 million Internet users were attacked by viruses and Trojan horses online within six months, and the accounts or passwords of 110 million were stolen. The potential security hazards of the Internet has degraded Internet users’ trust in the Internet, and only 29.2% of Internet users believed online transactions to be safe, thus restricting the development of transaction applications like e-commerce and online payment.
With the progressive improvement in China’s Internet infrastructure construction, the gradual increase in the net age of Internet users and the innovative development of network technology, Internet applications have gradually penetrated into social and economic fields from life and entertainment, and Internet users’ trust in the Internet and requirements for Internet security have also increased day by day. How to increase Internet users’ trust in the Internet has become a problem pressing for solution at present, while constructing a “credible” network environment on the basis of “usability” is inevitable in the future.

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