Top Chinese directory website acquired

Shiyuzhu, the CEO of Giant Interactive Group,and Sequoia Capital, expressed huge interests in acquiring the famous chinese directory website –, the news spreaded very fast in internet industry.

After Li Xingping sold to Baidu and Cai Wensheng transfered to google, this is the first time that a directory website catches so many eyeballs.

It is reported that 2345 website was created by Han Meng, a friend of Li Dongsheng(the founder of leading SNS, while Li is one of the investor. Coincidently, Sequoia Capital is also the investor of

According to the research of Iresearch, the top 5 navigation websites in China are: is dominant, it attracts 10 times more traffic than other directory site. once was second runner, however, recently their ranking dropped 2 spots.

Brief introduction of major Chinese directory sites:
1、 was found in May 1999 by Li Xingping, on August 31th, 2004, it was sold to Baidu at the price of 11 million RMB, plus 40,000 Baidu stock shares.

2、 was created by Han Meng in 2005, together with Li Dongsheng, the founder of Giant Interactive Group and Sequoia Capital are very interested with acquisition. The price is not disclosed.
3、 was set up in July 2007. in 2009, 114la acquired large amount of small sized navigation sites.
4、 was found in 2003, by Cai Wensheng. At the initial stage, got investment from IDG and Google. In May 2008, this website was sold to Google, at 20 million USD.

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